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Gauge O Guild
The Gauge 'O' Guild's searchable index is separated by Category, Type and Railway Company and covers much of the popular Model press from 1970 to 2000.

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Covering all articles in all railway magazines across the world dating back to 1897.

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Model Rail magazine
Model Rail

Magazine Index, 1997 to 2016.

In connection and with the support of MODEL RAIL we are able to bring you a quality index of one of the most popular British Railway modelling magazines available.

After 3 years of active work plus support for two years prior to that on the MR Index, Brian Martin took a well earned rest and returned to active modelling. I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Brian for all his assitance on the Index.

After taking over in 2010, Ian MacDonald spent 6 years of hard work collating the MR Index for you and included a spreadsheet version, available via the Huddersfield MRC website.

As of January 2017 I have great pleasure in announcing that David Watson has taken over the role of collating the Model Rail Index. He has already made a great start and the index is now complete to the end of 2016.
Many thanks David.

My sincere thanks go to all those that have assisted me in putting the index together:
David Watson (2016 and ongoing),
Ian MacDonald of Huddersfield MRC (2010 to 2016),
Brian Martin of MERG (2005-2010),
Mark Patrick and Ian Murray (1997-2005).

- Adrian Hall, Webmaster

There are now five types of searches that you can make on this index. You may select either a Year, a Category, a Scale or an Era to give all the results for those specific categories, or you can now make a text search against the Title and Description fields.
Please make your selection using the drop down lists or input box below and press the button next to that selection. A new page will be displayed giving the result of your request.
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Table of Era definitions used in the Index:
Period Era
1Pre 1900
21900 - 1922
31923 - 1947
41948 - 1956
51957 - 1966
61967 - 1971
71971 - 1982
81982 - 1994
91995 onwards

This page last updated on
3 April, 2017


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