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Clubs and Societies Directory

Providing contact details for 594 Local, National and some International Clubs and Societies.

If your Club or Society is not listed then just complete the SUBMISSION FORM with your details and we will ensure this is added to the Directory on the next update.
While you are doing this, why not also advertise your next exhibition. You can submit your details up to 12 months in advance by simply completing the submission form for the Events Calendar page here.

Please mention when you contact any of the detailed clubs or societies so they can be assured their listing is worthwhile.

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SPECIALIST MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETIES - Associations that exist to support and provide assistance to modellers interested in a specific scale, gauge or aspect of model railways.
The 2mm Scale Association
Contact Details: Webmaster , Nigel Cliffe
The 2mm Scale Association promotes modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. We are the home of the proven 2FS wheel and track standards, which for over 50 years have been the smallest practical finescale standard.
Finer track and wheels than N Gauge, and less space than P4, EM or S7, 2mm FineScale (2FS) offers detail and smooth running in a small space. Easitrac flexible track, conversion wheels for Farish diesels and specialist kits, jigs and bits make 2FS easier than ever before.
Details last updated 13th October 2018
The 3mm Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mike Corp  01622 719830
The 3mm Society promotes and fosters interest in modelling in 3mm scale by offering the assistance of the Society to all newcomers to the hobby or to the scale and produces a quarterly journal called "Mixed Traffic" which is distributed to members.
Details last updated 24th July 2019
7mm Narrow Gauge Association
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Garry Burke
We are an association of model railway enthusiasts whose aim is to encourage the modelling of narrow gauge railways at a scale of 7mm to 1 ft (1:43.5) or thereabouts. The Association was founded in 1980 in the UK but has members all round the world. Apart from most European countries, we have members in North & South America, Australasia, Africa and the far East. For more details please browse our website, which will give an insight into what we provide to our members.
Details last updated 29th January 2020

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The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers
Contact Details: Chairman , Alan Regan  01778 392016
Meeting Venue:  Worldwide - See Website Events Listing
Meeting Day: see   Meeting Times: See Events Listings
Join the largest garden railway modelling association in the world and benefit from over 40 years experience of the popular garden railway scales. Technical advice, help and encouragement for modellers of all abilities. Superb all-Colour quarterly magazines. Friendly local group events and garden meetings worldwide. Insurance cover for events. New members guide. Online forums. Massive annual show. Strong trade support. Join Online today.
Details last updated 10th February 2020
Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers Ltd
Contact Details: Hon Secretary , Rupert Brown  0207 813 0061
Meeting Venue:  Registered Office:-8 Ffolkes Place , Runcton Holme , Kings Lynn , Norfolk  PE33 0AH
Created for modellers in the Larger Scales i.e. 'S' Gauge and upwards with the express interest of keeping modellers and trade in touch with each other. The Association is non-Political, we are not a replacement for any existing societies, groups, clubs, but believe we compliment them.
Details last updated 22nd January 2019

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The British 1:87 Scale Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mick Scarrow  07940 179378
A collection of like minded people all over the world who model in the scale of 1:87 (HO), mostly to British outline. We share help and advice in our chosen scale.
Details last updated 27th August 2019

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Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU)
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Alan Barrow
Diesel & Electric Modellers United (DEMU) caters for all modellers of the railways of Britain in the diesel and electric era, regardless of scale or ability. We aim to promote all aspects of this period by exchanging information and ideas in our quarterly magazine 'UPDate', and our members-Only web forum and wiki. We have a network of area groups established across Britain that hold regular meetings and we hold an annual exhibition - DEMU Showcase.
Details last updated 20th November 2018
Double O Gauge Association
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Richard East
Dedicated to the enhancement of British OO gauge modelling.
Details last updated 24th May 2020

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The EM Gauge Society
Contact Details: Publicity Manager , Karl Crowther
The Society for EM and 18.83mm gauges for true 4mm to the foot scale modelling.
Details last updated 12th February 2018

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G Scale Society
Contact Details: Membership , Fraiser  01415 860955
We are a broad church, we run for the members by the members, what is g scale? its good times with good friends. We also enjoy running trains
Details last updated 11th August 2017
Gauge 1 MRA Vintage Tinplate Group
Contact Details: Treasurer , Peter Wood  01704 576122
Meeting Venue:  7,mossgiel Avenue , Southport  PR8 2RE
To promote a model railway with a track gauge of 45mm with steam outline locomotives fired by methylated spirit, coal or gas. For the modern modellers diesel locomotives operated by radio control battery powered.
There is now a branch offering 2 rail fine scale, see our website.
Details last updated 13th May 2019
Gauge 3 Society
Contact Details: Secretary , Roy Horrocks  01277 223286
To encourage and support all modelling in Gauge 3, which we believe to be the largest scale for scenic model railways.
Gauge 3 was one of the original scales defined in 1899 and has a gauge of 63.5mm (2.5in) with a scale of 13.5mm/1ft.
Details last updated 5th March 2019
Gauge O Guild
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr Richard Clark  0845 603 6213
An organisation, run by, and for, members to encourage and assist the development of 0 Gauge railway modelling.
Details last updated 10th October 2019
Gauge One Model Railway Association (G1MRA)
Contact Details: New Member Liaison Officer , Mrs V.Hauxwell
Gauge One(45mm track) Live steam, Live diesel, Electrics, Radio Control, Tinplate, Local groups, Quarterly magazine, Garden meetings, Shows, Trade support and more.
Details last updated 20th January 2019

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Model Electronic Railway Group
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Allan Geekie  01883 626861
Meeting Venue:  Meetings Across The Uk And Other Countries
An international, UK based group, now over 50 years old, promoting interest in the application of electronics (Including computers) to all aspects of railway modelling. Members have access to self build kits for many aspects of control and related subjects. DCC modules are available as well as computer interfaces and software and other control techniques NOT requiring computers. A new universal layout control bus is currently being developed called CBUS. Members cover all ages and all gauges.
Details last updated 20th December 2018

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N Gauge Society
Contact Details: Hon. Secretary , Stuart Conlon  01225 350465
The UK-based society for all N gauge modellers internationally, whether of UK, European, US, Japanese prototypes, heritage or modern. Our members receive a 100 page colour Journal 6 times a year, dedicated to N gauge news, reviews and layouts. As well as a mail-order shop with 1900 models, kits and detailing parts, we have a range of over 40 exclusive kits and RTR models. Our website has been largely re-written, and offers on-line joining facilities and an expanding reference section.
Details last updated 13th September 2018
Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling Online
Contact Details: Admin , Matt Chivers
NGRM-online was set up in 2008 and is a free online society for modelling Narrow Gauge prototype in any scale. With over half million posts and 3000 members, NGRM-online is the essential online narrow gauge modelling resource, covering not just the UK, but the entire world. Members have access to view and interact with all areas of the forum, from Members Layouts to prototype information, help and guidance to Narrow Gauge trade matters. Includes listings of most Narrow Gauge model Exhibitions.
Details last updated 23rd February 2020

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S Scale Model Railway Society
Contact Details: Hon. Secretary , Ms. Susie Frith
The S Scale Model Railway Society exists to support modellers working to 1:64 scale in Britain and overseas. We publish a quality magazine every two months in both paper and electronic editions. We have two meetings a year held in differing locations throughout the country. We supply enough of the basic parts to ease the task of scratchbuilders and we also have some kits available. We are able to get brass or white-metal castings produced from members' patterns, and can help with etchings.
Details last updated 11th May 2020
Scalefour Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr Steve Carter  01797 260192
For 4mm Finescale Railway Modelling at its very best. The Society supports and promotes finescale modelling in 4mm scale to the Protofour Standards, through its website, magazine and exhibitions. “Inspiring the best in 4mm finescale modelling”.
Details last updated 6th October 2019
The ScaleSeven Group
Contact Details: Hon. Secretary , Rob Thompson
The ScaleSeven Group is a 7mm scale group who model using correctly scaled prototype information in track and wheel standards. The track gauge is set at 33mm (O Finescale is 32mm) using correctly set crossing nose, check rail and wing rail sizes whilst the wheels are modelled to correct proportions using BS 276A as the guiding principle.
Details last updated 7th August 2017

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