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Clubs and Societies Directory

Providing contact details for Local, National and some International Clubs and Societies.

If your Club or Society is not listed then just complete the SUBMISSION FORM with your details and we will ensure this is added to the Directory on the next update.
While you are doing this, why not also advertise your next exhibition. You can submit your details up to 12 months in advance by simply completing the submission form for the Events Calendar page here.

Please mention when you contact any of the detailed clubs or societies so they can be assured their listing is worthwhile.

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INTERNATIONAL - UK based Societies with an interest in Railways across the world.
Adnalms Jarnvagsforening  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Director General , Mr A Allum Tel: 07799 080440
UK based 'Friends' that model the railways of Sweden (pre-EU era) in HO Scale. We are looking for a new location to rebuild the 'home layout' and re-establish our activities.
Details last updated 24th May 2020
Austrian Railway Group  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Treasurer and Membership Secretary , Peter Garrood Tel: 01636 815953
We are a friendly society based in the UK for anyone interested in any aspect of the railways of Austria. We cater for all tastes and interests, from mainline to narrow gauge to tramways, and from the real thing to scale models and model railways. We share information, advice, news and reports on the Austrian rail scene through our high quality quarterly printed journal, our website and an online eGroup. We thrive on the contributions of members.
Details last updated 23rd March 2019

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European Railways Association
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Chris Sheldrake
The European Railways Association was formed in 2013 to promote an interest in european railways in general without competing with the valuable work done by the established country based societies
The objectives of the association are as follows:
To promote the active study and modelling of european railways.
To do this through the establishment of local groups and the web
To organise lectures, slide shows and other gatherings to promote the Associations's interests
Details last updated 30th March 2020

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The French Railways Society  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Sales Officer , Alan Marlow Tel: 01932 247127
The French Railways Society is a group of like-minded individuals interested in French railways, railway models, other transport and (usually!) France in general. We were formed in 1976 as the SNCF Society.

Our website gives information about the Society, its activities and resources. It also complements the Society’s quarterly Journal that contains news and articles covering every aspect of French Railways
Details last updated 28th February 2020

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German Railway Society  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Bryan Tozer Tel: 0117 9542424
A world wide society for those interested in German Railways either prototypical or models or both!
Details last updated 26th May 2020

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Italian Railways Society
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Mr J Romano
Meeting Venue:  Model Railway Club , Calshott Street , London
Meeting Day: Winter and Summer   Meeting Times: Twice Yearly Get Together
Contact us to find out more about the railways of Italy.
Details last updated 12th June 2019

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The Model Railway Society of Ireland  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Tony Mirolo
Meeting Venue:  The Old Fire Station , Dorset Street , Dublin  D01 F6V6
Meeting Day: Wednesdays & Fridays   Meeting Times: 20:00 to 22:00
The Model Railway Society of Ireland (M.R.S.I.) was established over 50 years ago to help promote and enjoy model railways throughout Ireland. We have several layouts in our club rooms, at the Old Fire Station, Dorset St., both running and under construction. We give advice and tips to members starting a new layout or project with demonstrations & classes from our members.
Details last updated 30th January 2020

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NMRA - British Region  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Marketing & Events Co-Ordinator , Gordon Robinson
The National Model Railroad Association, Inc. advances the global scale model railroading community through education, advocacy, standards, and social interaction. The NMRA has 18,000 plus members worldwide and provides a unique set of tools and services to help modellers become better at what they do while still enjoying the many facets of the railway hobby.
Details last updated 18th October 2019

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Slim Gauge Circle  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Secretary , Richard Coney Tel: 020 8429 3761
Meeting Venue:  LMR Association Club , Hillmorton Road, Hillmorton , NR. Rugby , Northamptonshire  CV22 5AL
Meeting Day: May and November   Meeting Times: 2 Annual Meetings - 10:00 am to 4:00 PM
For modellers of North American Narrow Gauge Railroads in all scales and gauges. We are an independent UK-based informal group with the emphasis on modelling, the exchange of ideas, meeting old and making new friends, plus some trading of surplus models. There are two active modular groups modelling On30 and HOn3. We produce several newsletters and magazines per year. National meetings are held at Hillmorton, near Rugby in May & November and ad hoc local area meetings are organised occasionally.
Details last updated 24th May 2020
Swiss Railways Society FaceBook link  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Membership Secretary , Steve Buck Tel: 0121 382 5649
For everyone interested in Swiss Transport, models or prototype. High quality quarterly magazine in full colour and regional meetings. You have heard how wonderful the Swiss Transport System is, join now and find out more about it.
Details last updated 11th April 2019

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Worldwide Group of the N Gauge Society  Contact Club by mail
Contact Details: Editor , John Brady Tel: 07818 077663
WorldWide is an area group of the N Gauge Society. The group exists to promote the modelling of railways from outside the UK, in N scale. We hold an annual convention otherwise all communication is through the group magazine called the Globe, or the website. The Globe is published bi-Monthly with a bi-Monthly Supplement containing real railway pictures and information. Only members of NGS may join the group but the Globe is offered to non-Members by email on annual subscription.
Details last updated 22nd January 2019

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30 April, 2020


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