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  • Add to Calendar 2019-10-19 10:00:00 2019-10-19 17:00:00 Europe/London M5-M50 Narrow Gauge Modellers - Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition A relaxed narrow gauge show for the Three Counties and South West Corse & Staunton Village Hall, Gloucester Road, Corse, Gloucestershire GL19 3RQ M5-M50 Narrow Gauge Modellers M5-M50 Narrow Gauge Modellers
      - Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sat 19th October 2019

  • Corse & Staunton Village Hall, Gloucester Road, Corse, Gloucestershire GL19 3RQ

    OPENING TIMES:  10am-4.30pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £5.00       
    A relaxed narrow gauge show for the Three Counties and South West

    CONTACT:  Contact Exhibition Manager by mail  
    QUICKINFO:  Wheelchair Friendly
    Free Parking Refreshments

    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    7mm Narrow Gauge Association Sales and Second Hand Sales
    OO9 Society Sales
    Avalon Models
    Hereford Model Shop
    Grange & Hodder
      Aldbourne - OO9 - Adrian Ponting
    The Brick Works - OO9 - Nicolas Wheatley
    West Gwyneld - OO9 - Martyn Davies
    No Name As Yet - HOe - Roger Swan
    3 Arches - O9 - Barrie Baker
    Derwent Road - O9 - Bill Flude
    Tony's Forest - O14 - Robin Edwards
    Snowdon - 8mm Scale - Peter Booth
    Paradise Bottom - Gn15 - Roger Swan
    Castle Works - 12mm Scale - Andi Nethercoat

    If you are Travelling by Car :   Nearest Railway Stations :
    Check here for Parking Options.   Gloucester [6.79 miles]
    Ledbury [8.05 miles]
    Ashchurch for Tewkesbury [8.86 miles]
    Colwall [8.92 miles]

Info Last Updated : 10th July 2019
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11 June, 2019


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