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Olivia's Trains & Models


25a Mansfield Road,  Intake, Sheffield,  South Yorkshire S12 2AE

Tel: 0114 2647 449 & 0114 3216 160  Mobile: 0755 7126 651
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Opening Hours: MON - FRI 09.30am to 6pm SAT 09.00-16.00
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways


27th February 2017



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Stockists of:

- British Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Heljan, Dapol
Scales & Gauges:
DCC Products Stocked:
ESU, Bachmann, Hornby

DCC sound specialist, full repaints, renumbering and weathering commisions. Limited editions.
[RateIT] Current Rating: Four & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Mark , Australia - 10 Mar 2018 - Five Stars
First time ordering and this is what customer service should be. A lot of companies should take a lead out of Olivia's Trains book - they really look after you. They'll certainly get my business in future. Recommended.

Graham , Matlock - 10 Jan 2018 - Five Stars
The staff are very friendly and knowledgable and all their locomotives are on display and easy to view. They will do customisation of numbers, liveries and other details so suit whatever the customer wants. The best for me, as a novice to digital model railways, is that when my system didn't seem to work they encouraged me to bring my controllers and locos into the shop and helped me get it working. I was very grateful for that and for me this is excellent after-sales service. They say they can often do the same thing over the phone.

Stpehn , Cheltenham - 16 Dec 2017 - Four Stars
Not the cheapest place to buy standard product but an excellent selection and they excel in the range of modifications offered, particularly DCC/sound and livery/weathering services.

John , Marchwood, Southampton - 01 Dec 2017 - Five Stars
Once again I made the long trip north to visit the exceptional Olvia's Trains. I regularly buy from Olivia's as I find all staff knowledgeable and always willing to help. I like to customise my locos, wagons and coaches and the standard of workmanship they do is excellent. I love the Olivia Sound and all but a few have been upgraded to include this great feature. It certainly brings my trains to life and adds that special feature of realism to my layout. I'm busy saving my pennies as I have my eye on a few more great models which will all be converted to sound. Well worth the journey and thanks to everyone. And by the way, the brew was much appreciated on that cold November day. See you all in the New Year.

Adam , Glasgow - 30 Oct 2017 - Four & a half Stars
Hi Just bought a Heljan Beyer Garritt from Olivia,s trains.Straight out the box on to the track through all the points with no problems, which is more than previous locos from another well known retailer could do.Some of them only went round once. The company in question was very good,but I did not want a refund.However that is history.The whole buying experience from Olivia,s. was positive,I also have a class 76 in L.N.E.R.Green,fantastic paint job.So far the new motors are performing well.No connection to Olivia,s trains,just a satisfied customer.

John , Southampton - 05 Sep 2017 - Five Stars
Can't praise Olivia's Trains enough. All the staff are great and no query is too much for them. Always my first choice when buying new trains. I love the way they customise my trains and coaches. Professional and knowledgeable as I often have questions which they answer fully and give sound advice from years of experience. Highly recommended.

Graham , Hull, East Yorkshire - 01 Sep 2017 - Four & a half Stars
Very good on line service, with speedy delivery and very helpful on the phone with queries. I was able to take advantage of the VAT paid bank holiday offer.

Sandy , North Yorkshjre - 01 Sep 2017 - Four & a half Stars
This site was recommended by my son, I had Emailed about 20 traders to ask if they had the coaches I required. the answer in every case was no. Tried Olivia's trains and was highly delighted,

Roger , Littleborough. Lancs - 30 Aug 2017 - Five Stars
Re-built Patriot 45532 Illustrious. Very happy with the work that has been to this loco and to the 5MT that I had requested to be DCC fitted with sound. Would thoroughly recommend. Excellent dealer, polite and great service.

Clive , Scourie Sutherland - 23 Aug 2017 - Five Stars
Just received a beautifully customised, model of the Hornby Merchant Navy, SHAW SAVILL in wartime matt black from Olivia's. after previously purchasing the Hornby CHANNEL PACKET. Their staff put a lot of effort in to ensure I got the model I wanted and the result reflects that I will be returning to them next time.

Rosalind , Leconfield Beverley - 18 Aug 2017 - Five Stars
I have read all the reviews and cannot agree more I have been using this shop for some 8 years and the new refurbishment is second to none. I have never seen so many trains in one shop and the staff are very knowledgeable qnd friendly and never push you into purchasing an item.

David , Buckingham,bucks - 08 Aug 2017 - Five Stars
Extremely pleased with sound locos collected on my first visit to Olivia's Trains. Particularly impressed with helpful and knowledgeable staff plus huge range of well presented stock. Will certainly visit again.


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6 December, 2017


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