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252 London Road South,  Lowestoft,  Suffolk NR33 0BE

Opening Hours: [Not known]
Model Types Stocked:
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21st November 2005


[RateIT] Current Rating: Four & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Nick , Rugeley - 16 Jun 2018 - Five Stars
The most comprehensive model shop I have visited in a long time. A very good stock and knowledgeable and helpful staff. First class. Well worth a vist.

Roger , Surrey - 22 Mar 2018 - Four & a half Stars
Fantastic shop,very well stocked with trains both OO and N.Stocks lots of scenic items and lots of the small items that other places don't bother with. Staff very helpful when looking for items.

Leslie , Canvey Island Essex - 26 Feb 2017 - Five Stars
After over 40 years of having track and trains stuck up in my loft I decided to regenerate my old childhood hobby. I visited this shop whilst visiting the area and was overwhelmed by the amount of stock. After a 10 minute chat with the very helpful lady I was hooked purely due to her knowledge. I wish there were more model shops just like this.

Matthew , London - 03 Apr 2016 - Five Stars
I visited Parrs while on holiday in Lowestoft. My interest is slot cars and although Parrs only stocks Scalextric of which they have a great selection, I was amazed by the choice for model trains and the selection of scenic items such as trees and shrubs.I visited 3 times in the week we were there. The lady and gentleman who run the shop are amazing and always very helpful. I hope to visit again. This is what all model shops should be.

Peter , Barnet, Herts. - 21 Mar 2016 - Five Stars
I always go to the shop when visiting Lowestoft. They have always got IN STOCK everything I require. There should be more shops like Parrs in this country. Anna is always very friendly and helpful. Parrs is well worth a visit, even if it is just to see what "model shops" used to be like.

Donald , St.Neots Cambs - 08 Mar 2016 - Five Stars
Aladdins cave, could have spent all day here. Lady owner very helpful. Looking forward to visiting again during summer season.This shop meets the needs of the model rail enthusiast and the casual passer .

Warren , Gorleston Norfolk - 13 Jan 2016 - Five Stars
Terrific shop, andrew & anna make you feel very welcome.Huge stock and fair prices.What more could you ask for!

Douglas , Carlisle - 03 Jan 2016 - Five Stars
A fantastic model shop 10/10! I go there every year and the assistance is remarkable and the amount of stock is fantastic, what ever you're into! Steam, diesel, electric, OO or N gauge!

Paul , ST. Albans, Herts - 26 Aug 2015 - Four & a half Stars
Excellent model railway shop, especially for OO & N gauge, excellent assistance, never seen so much stock in one place, I could spend hours, if not, days there. They are a bit more expensive than mail order. But its so nice to wander around & look for your needs! Also stocks arts & craft equipment. I'll be visiting again next week.

Sara , York, Uk - 02 Jul 2015 - Five Stars
Like something from harry potter! This is a magical shop and anna is very knowledgable. If she hasn't got what you want, she will order it in. I cannot reccomend parrs highly enough.

John , Coventry - 16 May 2015 - Four & a half Stars
This shop is very much alive. I visited while on holiday in suffolk. The young lady who served me was very helpful and knowledgeable. Glad I dropped in.

Trevor , Norwich Norfolk - 20 Apr 2015 - Four & a half Stars
I try and call in monthly. Excellent ranges of all model railway stuff. If you can't see it ask - Everything is there somewhere or it will be ordered promptly, as I found when I required a lot of electrical switches.


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