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Snapshot: Northfields Model Shop


Greater London
W13 9QU
Tel:078 064 711 73
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Northfields Model Shop


217 Northfield Avenue,  Ealing,  Greater London W13 9QU

Tel: 078 064 711 73
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Opening Hours: MON-SAT 10:30-17:00
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways Kits Slot Cars Diecast Models


24th August 2015



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Stockists of:

- British Outline - North American Outline - European/Continental Outline -
Services Available:
- Modelling Advice - Service & Repairs -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Hornby O Gauge, Hornby Dublo, Fleischmann, Farish, Dapol
Scales & Gauges:
1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm & larger
Other Model Railway Products Stocked:
, Track, Secondhand Items
Other Modelling Products Stocked:
Books & DVDs, Paints & Glues, Plastic & Card kits, Scenic Materials, Tools

Opened some months ago, the shop is an outlet for model-railways in all gauges, - slot cars, including Aurora, Tomy, Tycho, Scalextric, - die-cast road vehicles, eg Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, - Mamod, - Airfix/Revell, - Meccano, etc.
Also railway and other transport books, magazines and videos.
A mixture of new and pre-owned - at present skewed to the latter but with stock from Hornby, Bachmann and Peco arriving regularly.
[RateIT] Current Rating: Four & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Kieron , Malawi - 05 May 2017 - Two & a half Stars
A very friendly owner who clearly loves the hobby. However I asked to look at the models behind the counter but was not allowed! It is like the owner does not want to sell the models. I came a long way and left disappointed with plenty of money I wanted to spend. A surreal experience.

Damian , West London - 23 Jan 2017 - Five Stars
Returning to the hobby after many years, I popped into Northfields Model Shop last week and was welcomed by the owner. With so much having changed in the hobby since I was last involved he spent a lot of time with me explaining and giving me advice. I took up over an hour of his time yet *he* was grateful to *me* for my time! He even waived the opportunity to sell me a piece of maintenance kit and suggested an alternative I may have in the garage already! This is great unbiased advice and I will *certainly* be going back for my future purchases. This shop is a treasure for any rail hobbyist: friendly, un-rushed and unbiased advice. Here do you get this nowadays? And this is in London! Owner sells new and second-hand, and said he will do his best to match the big on-line shops too if there is any particular loco I'm looking for (even told me the name of the shops, this is great honesty). Northfield Model Shop will be getting my custom as much as possible, this type of shop deserves more customers.

Daniel , Lambert Avenue 41 - 24 Nov 2016 - Five Stars
Very good shop witek very nice helpful can always give you a good deal!

Andrew , London - 21 Oct 2015 - Five Stars
Witek is an amazing guy, the shop is a dream come true for kids and nostalgic big kids such as myself! If there is a toy car, train set out there. This man has it!

Matthew , Chiswick - 10 Oct 2015 - Four & a half Stars
Nice little shop that I first saw in the new year passing on the e3 bus, finally decided to go in my time off work. Great selection of kits and a few really nice ones from tamiya and academy etc. Only problem I could see was there wasn't a lot of space, but the owner was very friendly and knowledgeable and really made us feel welcome. Will definitely go back on my occasional days off to have a browse or a chat

Antony , Hounslow - 22 Apr 2015 - Four & a half Stars
Great little shop. Really friendly service. Very helpful. Worth going in just to chat about models / railways.

Nigel , Ealing - 18 Apr 2015 - Four & a half Stars
People buy from people and the proprietor is so wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive of modellers ranging from outright beginners to the far more experienced. Nothing seems too much trouble and, in truth, this is what shopping should be about. Well, and I stress well, worth a visit.

Gilbert , Chiswick, London, Uk - 18 Feb 2015 - Five Stars
An extraordinary aladdin's cave crammed full with models plus an extremely helpful owner. OO and N gauges. New and second hand. Sensible prices. Also very experienced in helping younger modellers. Close to northfields station (30 minutes from piccadilly circus).

Neale , Berkhamsted - 11 Aug 2014 - Four Stars
Aladdin's cave of a store this one! Simply masses of OO stuff, new and secondhand. Quite a lot of other scales too. For example rummaged through three boxes of (New) farish and peco wagons today. Oodles of secondhand railway books and magazines. Huge variety of other toys and models. Dinky cars, aircraft, rockets, etc. Expect to spend some time here: not easy to find stuff on your own! You will need to ask for help. Shop owner a delight though. Especially helpful to youngsters and newcomers to the hobby looking to start out while saving some money. Bring a shopping list so he can find the stuff for you! Pretty much the only model shop in west london, but luckily a good one. Cash only! Luckily cashpoint only a minute away.

Ian , Australia - 21 Jun 2014 - Four & a half Stars
Very impressed. Owner very helpfull. I am from australia. Will spend more time on next visit.

Matthew , Solihull Uk - 27 Mar 2014 - Three & a half Stars
A good old-fashioned shop selling a bit of everything, though I should mention a good 3/4 is second hand. Aside from model trains, there's some toys, magazines, miniatures and who knows what else amongst the many boxes and shelves. Shopkeeper is knowledgeable and willing to engage in idle chit-chat with the customers, and when I was in there even recommended another local shop to somebody asking for some metal sheet as he didn't have anything suitable.

Colin , London - 14 Nov 2013 - Four & a half Stars
I have visited this shop since the end of 2012. It was and is a wonderful find. The owner is very encouraging of anyone showing interest in model trains, building train sets and plastic modelling. A fantastic place to wander in!


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