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16 Endless Street,  Salisbury,  Wiltshire SP1 1DP

Opening Hours: [Not known]
Model Types Stocked:
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14th February 2011



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[RateIT] Current Rating: Three & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Garry , Weymouth - 27 May 2016 - Four & a half Stars
Lots of 00 stock, good prices and friendly owner, well worth a visit

Richie , Manchester - 07 Jul 2015 - Four Stars
Having just got back into making airfix kits after a 40 year break I found david most helpful, he told me any kits not in stock he would order for me and call me when arrived. Lots of advice and as I satated before most helpful. Currently residing in the north of england but when I visit family each month this is one shop I always visit

Christopher , Dorset - 12 May 2015 - Two Stars
Saturday 9th may 2015 - the shop's too small to carry a decent stock range or quantity of anything, a return visit is unlikely.

David , Salisbury - 18 Apr 2015 - Two & a half Stars
Just to let you know the shop is definitely not closed, contrary to what is mentioned on this site.

Paula , Salisbury - 20 Feb 2015 - Five Stars
Endless hobbies is a great shop, david is very helpful and knowledgeable always keen to help, if he doesn't have what you are looking for he is more than happy to order it in for you. It is great to support small local independent retailers, he offers very competitive prices. First class shop - Keep up the good work david many thanks

Richard , Market Harborough - 18 Sep 2014 - Three Stars
I was in salisbury on Saturday 13th September 2014 and visited this shop. It is open and trading normally. Those in the shop seem to be somewhat bemused that there were "Unconfirmed reports" It was closed.

Dan , Leckford - 09 Nov 2013 - Four & a half Stars
Love this shop and owner, always , seems to be happy to help, and always helpful. Although the shop is small his stock is very extensive. and the prices, compared to other stockists appear to be low.

Damian , Andover - 12 Aug 2013 - Five Stars
I would have to disagree 100% with huw evans’ comments. To say that the owner of the shop is not friendly is utter nonsense, that fact that lots of customers (And friends) take the time to talk to him "Behind the counter" is proof of this (And why wouldn’t a shop keeper be "Behind the counter" When he is a sole trader?). I always find the shop a delight to visit and the help and assistance provided to me to be top rate. 100%. and yes, scalectrix micro is a toy.

Andy , Ripley, Surrey - 06 Jul 2013 - Three Stars
I have been dealing with david for many, many years, both at his previous shop in fisherton street and at his present store. For a city the size of salisbury he maintains a creditable stock, and any thing he doesn’t have he can get in speedily. He always gives a complimentary phone call when an ordered item arrives. He has been an extremely pleasant contact and, even though I have now moved to surrey, he continues to give good service by mail order

Huw , Salisbury - 25 Jan 2013 - One & a half Stars
Whilst he has an extensive stock of railway related material (Mainly 00) and a good selection of military models I never feel comfortable in this shop. The owner is not very friendly and is suspicious of kids, tending to spend his time behind the counter talking to his friends. He is very dismissive of the more frivolous area of modelling (Once describing scalectrix micro as a toy).


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