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Invicta Model Rail Ltd


130 Station Road,  Sidcup,  Kent DA15 7AB

Tel: +442083027774
Model Shop eCommerce Website

 Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways Diecast Models


28th April 2017



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Stockists of:

- British Outline - North American Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, DJM, Dapol, Farish, Gaugemaster, Heljan, Kestrel, Metcalfe, Minitrains, Oxford, Ratio, Wills, Woodland Scenics, Books, Atlas, Athearn, Bachmann Usa, Kadee, Kato Walthers, Efe Buses, Corgi Ooc, Airfix, Humbrol
Scales & Gauges:
2mm, 4mm,
DCC Products Stocked:
Bachmann, Gaugemaster, Hornby

Kent's Model Railway & Diecast Bus specialist, located beside Sidcup Station. In addition to a friendly in-store service, we also offer a world wide mail order service.
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Paul , Croydon - 17 Aug 2018 - One & a half Stars
Have been to this premises only once had a hand full of items then stood at the counter for at least 5 minutes when the owner said I won't be long and carried on talking to I presume was a customer and left me standing there so I put my items on the counter and will NEVER go back a shame as they are close for me.
[Response: "I am concerned to hear you feel you were treated in this way by myself. Could you let me know when you visited us, as I have been away most of this week, and wondered if one of our three part time staff were in on the day of your visit? As female model shop owners are still in a minority, people often mistakenly assume that one of my (male) staff to be the owner of Invicta. including myself there are five staff at Invicta, and customer service is the key to our business, and I will certainly look into the matter. Kerry Hollands"]

Antony , Southend-On-Sea - 01 Jul 2017 - Three Stars
Website good, have seen and spoken to them at shows before but yet another shop only catering for boring and expensive British models, European models are of a much higher quality and better price

Derek , Crowborough East Sussex - 28 Jan 2016 - Five Stars
online order done at 2pm email back at 2.15pm saying goods despatched arrived next morning you cannot get better than this. Will be back.

John , Chatham, Kent - 13 Nov 2015 - Four & a half Stars
Since my last comments this retailer goes from strength to strength. They are very active at many key model railway exhibitions with plentiful stock, keen prices and bargains! They offer a mail order service of which I have experienced very quick delivery. Well worth a visit if you are located in kent or south london.

Tan , Beckenham/kent - 09 Oct 2015 - Five Stars
The best model train shop in whole greater london and kent, the stock is always new, huge amount of N gauge and OO gauge. All the time shopping from them even their postage is very cool!

Jonathan , Ware, Herts - 16 May 2015 - Five Stars
Used their website to order sale items twice now, and have received an excellent service on both occasionsPrompt delivery, well packed, and an instant phone call re a out of stock item, an alternative suggested, and the difference refunded immediatelyTop marks invicta

Sam , Battle, East Sussex - 31 Jan 2015 - Five Stars
I visit invicta model rail on a regular basis and have always found the invicta team to be very helpful and courteous. Pre orders are extremely well managed and the growing range of limited editions is excellent. It's a 100 mile round trip for me which demonstrates how much I value the service and support from invicta model rail.

Deric , Southgate, London - 24 Jan 2015 - No Stars
Not put off by the fact that much of the stock on the website displays "Out of stock" (Why is it still on the site then?) there were still several high value items on my shopping list, all of which were showing as 'in stock' so I made a special trip to the shop. It was quickly obvious after looking around the shop that absolutely none of the items were available. Firstly, the guy questioned whether the items were released, then said something about hornby distribution policy until I pointed out that all of the items were on general release and were actually showing on their website as 'in stock'. Then he said that a lot of the stock had been taken to a show and that I should go there the next day to see if they had it on their stall. If you are going to take stock away to a show then at least leave one example in the shop or if you must take it all but still have the shop open then perhaps put something on your website to this effect to stop customers wasting their time. Could he tell me whether the items had been taken to the show? Could I reserve them? Confirm whether they were ever in stock at all? No. Very unhelpful situation. Shops simply cannot adopt a 'if you cannot see it, then we do not know if we have it' approach. Left the shop completely empty handed and will spend my money at another model railway retailer. Shame, because the staff at their previous incarnation as the signal box rochester were always much more helpful than this. Perhaps this guy was upset that he was on his own whilst all the others were at the show?
[Response: "Whilst we would not normally comment on individual comments placed on forums and websites, as no complaint has been recieved in store, it may be helpful to comment in this case on certain issues -
The website often shows out of stock items, as in many cases they will come back into stock. However as an 18 month old business, the website is constantly evolving, and we are looking to improve the site later this year.
Shows are a vital part of our business, however, we must keep the store open, as not everyone will read notices and signs, even when placed on the web or facebook, or in store.
The store does not have the approach suggested, quite the opposite, obtaining products not currently stocked (where possible) for our customers on a regular basis.
The staff member concerned is a former Signalbox employee, and volunteered to stay in the shop. Normally he would look the stock up on the PC, or ring the show stand, and reserve the item, and/or offer to post it on to the customer upon return from the show.
We will be looking into this case to ensure this does not re-occur as we strive to make our customer experience a postive one, and clearly this did not occur in this case. We will be looking at the issues raised, and hope to ensure this experience is not repeated."]

Stephen , Hythe Kent - 03 Dec 2014 - Five Stars
I used this shop for mail order recently. Very impressed with the service. Quick delivery, strong packaging, helpful staff. Highly recommended. I will shop there again.

John , Chatham. Kent - 06 Nov 2014 - Four Stars
A worthy successor to the much missed "Signal box of rochester" Which sadly closed. Well stocked and competitive prices offered and getting better all the time. Staff very friendly and helpful and also now making attendance at major and local exhibitions. Well worth a visit and good mail order service; very quick.

David , Rye, East Sussex - 23 May 2014 - Four Stars
Good to see a new model shop when so many have closed. Being new stock is also new but good stock and increasing all the while. Helpful and friendly. Worth a look if you are in the area, or even a detour! Only a short walk from the station, parking easy nearby.

Paul , Grays - 13 Mar 2014 - Four & a half Stars
Great new model railway shop for kent. As mentioned on another review the stock levels are building nicely and they have the limited editions previously slated for model zone. Easy parking in station car park or shoppers car park behind co op. Friendly service , good knowledge and all on one level for those who are less able walking. Worth a visit


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