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G R A's Models

Editors Note:
As the details we hold for this Business are over 3 years old we cannot guarantee they are correct.
We have contacted this business on 5 occasions for an update since 30th March 2014 but they have not yet responded.
As a result if you are travelling a long distance, it may be worth checking ahead.

65 Scotgate,  Town Centre, Stamford,  Lincolnshire PE9 2YB

Tel: 01780 751826
 Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available Opening Hours: [Not provided]
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Diecast Models


30th March 2014



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Manufacturers stocked:
Bang, Corgi, Dinky, Efe, Matchbox, Minichamps, Onyx, Oxford, Revell, Trofeu, Vanguard, Vitesse

GRA's models has been established in Stamford for 25 years, selling new and used die-cast models of all types. All used models are mint and boxed unless otherwise stated. Second hand lists are available on receipt of an SAE.
[RateIT] Current Rating: Three & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Paul , Coalville, Leicestershire. - 04 Aug 2017 - Four & a half Stars
An untidy shop but well worth delving into the corners and baskets to find that much desired model. I visited this morning to purchase some Oxford Diecast WW2 models. I parked in the pay and display car park opposite the shop. I spent twenty minutes in the shop searching for the items I required. I found exactly what I wanted and was surprised at very reasonable prices charged. This was an excellent shopping experience and I will certainly return at a later date. The shop is closed on Wednesday and Sunday and opening times are between 10am and 5pm

Richard , Oxfordshire - 06 Aug 2016 - Two Stars
Small shop 5 mins walk from centre of Stamford. No parking at shop itself. Stocks new and vintage diecast only. No railways, r/c, kits, etc. Prices of new diecast seemed a little higher than larger model shops. Shop is a bit of a jumble. I asked owner if he had an Oxford 'Ivo Peters' Bentley Mk VI in stock. Without looking up he said 'If I have it will be in there' pointing to a cabinet. No effort was made to check a stock list or have a look himself. An off day perhaps. Definitely worth a visit for diecast collectors.

Joe , Leicester - 31 Mar 2014 - Four & a half Stars
I only discovered gra's by accident a couple of weeks ago when looking through a copy of collectors gazette, yet i've visited stamford regularly for many years and thought I knew it very well. The owner said he'd been there for 25 years! He's just off the town centre on scotgate and you need to find somewhere to park nearby as you can't stop directly outside, but when you do, you'll be rewarded with a little gem of a shop. He specialises in new and used die cast models and there is a slightly disorganised air to the place, but he seems to know where everything is. I was looking for model land rovers, and eventually came away with five of them, only having had to stop when the wallet cried 'enough!' there were plenty more available. His stock is huge, and the more you look, the more you'll find. The owner was very helpful and friendly, but also unobtrusive, just as you'd hope. He pointed out where to look for various models, and also found a rare one for me that i'd missed while I was looking elsewhere. His prices were remarkably reasonable too. A shop like this is a rarity these days, and i've only docked him a of star because I think he needs to become a little more up to date with an e-mail address and a basic web presence (Apologies if you've got them gra, but I can't find them anywhere), but otherwise i'm looking forward to going back for another visit very shortly. As a place to visit in itself, stamford claims to be england's most beautiful stone built town and you'd be very hard pressed to dispute that. There are dozens of other fantastic shops (Plenty selling clothes and shoes, ladies.), cafes, supermarkets if you want them, a good bookshop and of course robert humm's huge railway bookshop on the station half a mile from gra's. Bring the family, have a day out soon and visit the best little diecast shop for miles around. I'm sure you'll be glad you did.



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6 December, 2017


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