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Carnforth Models


Unit 5,  Carnforth Station, Carnforth,  Lancashire LA6 1DR

Tel: 01524 730101
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 Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available
Opening Hours: MON - SAT 10.00 TILL 16.30; SUNDAY CLOSED
Worldwide Export: No
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways


3rd August 2016



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Stockists of:

- British Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, LGB, Piko, Pendle Valley Workshop, Farish, Dapol, Bachmann
Scales & Gauges:
2mm, 4mm, 10mm & larger

We are a model railway shop and sell from N gauge through to G scale / 16mm.
[RateIT] Current Rating: Three & a half Stars
 Previously submitted Customer Comments

John , Leyland, Lancashire - 22 Nov 2018 - Four & a half Stars
Visited yesterday for the first time in about 5 years and what a transformation! Clearly under new ownership and the stock has gone from minimal to an abundance. Loads of 2nd hand stuff too and great for a rummage around. Will definitely return next time I'm up that way.

Gerry , Morecambe - 12 Jul 2018 - Four & a half Stars
The level and variety of stock is good. Mike is always welcoming and knowledgeable. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. You get twenty minutes free parking if you are going into the station, otherwise park carefully in the streets.

John , Grange-Over-Sandsmail - 05 Mar 2018 - Four Stars
Visited today. Shut but the signs are good in that all the scaffolding has gone and the return home looks promising. It's been a great effort on the part of the owner to keep things going during the rebuilding work, but what a joy it will be when things are back to normal.

John , Stratford Upon Avon - 30 Jan 2018 - Two Stars
Stars can't count, the proprietor is acheiving miracles keeping the business working in a tiny space in the visitor centre. I dropped in there today, good news should be back in his shop by the end of next month. But don't use the station carpark £4 for up to four hours. ACPOA it's daylight robbery.

Edward , Keighley - 10 Jul 2017 - Four Stars
Problems with the fabric of the main station building mean this shop has temporarily moved to a small corner of the Heritage Centre on platform 1. However, a warm welcome is still received, and the proprietor seems to have managed to display a bit of something for everyone. Will definitely visit again , and look forward to proper shop reopening to see his whole range.

Jeff , Glasgow, Lanarkshire - 18 Nov 2015 - Four Stars
Mike has grown this shop considerably since he opened it. Plenty of garden railway stuff and some smaller scale goodies, as well as a friendly welcome and so much knowledge to share. This shop is definitely well worth a visit with the wcml just outside and a super canal not far off past the wonderful second hand bookshop.

Philip , Near Ingleton, North Yorkshire - 06 Oct 2014 - Three & a half Stars
Since my last review I have visited again; a very different experience. The level of stock carried has improved significantly and mike was very helpful in providing contact details for the local 16mm association group, he was also very informative about some of the other suppliers he stocks. As well as the range of pendle valley buildings, there are plenty of other goodies to tempt those looking for extra detailing for their line. There is plenty to whet the appetite, and I will definitely be back again. A great improvement since my first visit under new ownership.

George , Garstang - 17 Aug 2014 - Three Stars
A new business , still building stocks up. Couldn't have been more helpful. With support and cash flow, should be able to build up stocks.

Philip , Near Ingleton, North Yorkshire - 29 Jun 2014 - One & a half Stars
Travelled some distance to see this shop, having seen that it had changed hands and following a mention in garden rail. I was very disappointed by the level of stock held. Whilst there was some rolling stock and track available, there was very little for the scratch builder or modifier - A poor selection of paints, very little in the way of adhesives, and next to no building materials. All in all, not worth the fuel expended to travel.
[Response: "I'm sorry Mr James feels this way, we are a small family business who are 10 weeks old and are building our stocks up week by week.
There is in stock over 100 colours of paint and we stock a selection of plasticard, along with a large selection of brass, plaststruct and balsa wood for scratch builders.
We have a telephone for enquiries before people travel any distance and if anybody want something we don't have in stock we will do our best to get it for them and if not we will point them in the right direction.
Our apologies to Mr James for not meeting his requirements."]

Brian , Chard, Somerset - 25 Jun 2014 - Four Stars
Very much open for business with plenty of larger gauge stock as well as "N" and some "00". Very friendly and knowledgeable with some enticing s/h bargains. Call at the shop first, then do the "Brief encounter" Experience and take pics of passing freight on the wcml - Then do the shop again on the way out!


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