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Lendons of Cardiff


192 Fidlas Road,  Llanishen, Cardiff,  Cardiff CF14 5LZ

Tel: 029 2075 2563
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Model Railways Kits Slot Cars Diecast Models


12th August 2017



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Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Gaugemaster, Ratio, Wills, Metcalfe, Slaters, Tiny Signs, Bassett-Lowke, Coopercraft, Faller, Harburn Hamlet, Langley Models, Lima, Piko, Pola, Preiser, Romford, Smiths, Superquick, Traintronics, Trainsave, Viessmann, HMRS, Hornby Oo, Hornby International, Corgi, Efe, Trackside, Lledo, Oxford, Javis, Arnold, Rivarossi, Woodland Scenics, Noch, Modelscene, Vitrains, Heljan, Farish, Dapol, Jouef, Rivarossi, Electrotren, Arnold, Pocher, Carrera,
Scales & Gauges:
1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 7mm,
DCC Products Stocked:
Hornby, Bachmann, Gaugemaster

We are a small business that has been serving modellers since 1944. We deal in all kinds of modelling including Plastic modelling (Airfix, Revell, Tamiya and many others), Scalextric, Railway Locomotives, Coaches and Wagons, Die-Cast, Plastruct, Various Metals, Balsa and various woods, large range of glues, tools, scenic modelling materials, Paints (Humbrol, Revell, Railmatch, Tamiya. We are also a Hornby Warranty Repair centre, we have a massive range of OO spares and Hornby International Spares.
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Steve , Cwmbran - 31 Oct 2016 - Four & a half Stars
Very helpful staff, good prices and very welcoming. Spoke at length and showed a real passion for model railways.

Garry , Cardiff Wales - 13 Apr 2016 - Four & a half Stars
I grew up in Llanishen and have known Lendons all my life, they have always been more than helpful and as I am now Disabled and live about 5 miles away now, although not their policy have also offered to deliver to me in the past, you wont get that in most retail outlets today. Also they are a General Model Shop they do stock the best selection of Railway Modelling Materials in the area. I have no connection with this Business.

Tony , East Tilbury - 02 Jul 2015 - Five Stars
Only used these guys for mail order, but they are fantastic. Very helpful on the phone. Good prices, fast turn around of orders, and they keep you informed of problems. If I ever get to cardiff I will surely pay them a visit.

Stuart , Abercynon - 20 Jan 2015 - Five Stars
This great shop has always worked for me, the guys know their stuff and are always helpful.I try to buy all my stuff at lendons

Martin , Auckland, New Zealand - 10 Dec 2013 - Five Stars
Just returned from years in new zealand, really glad to see this business is still open, fond memories as a youngster when persuading my dad to part with his cash; no doubt my boy (And girl) will be doing the same when we get to visit cardiff. Always well stocked, always friendly, you don’t need more than that. Looking forward to visiting again. To your reviewer paul jenkins, he and I must have been to this shop together hundreds of times!

Paul , Cardiff - 31 Oct 2013 - Four & a half Stars
A true gem of a model shop. Plenty of toys, planes, cars, models and railway stock. Friendly and knowledgable service from a long established ’old school’ family business. My father and I have been shopping there since the sixties.

Simon , Cardiff - 30 Oct 2013 - Five Stars
In this day an age of toys R us, shops like this are a rare thing indeed with polite and helpful staff they a life time of knowledge and an aladdin’s cave of treats

Chris , Cardiff - 30 Oct 2013 - Five Stars
What ever you need they have. I go in looking for one item come out with a lighter pocket but have met nice people who know what they are talking about look forward to the next visit.

Ieuan , Pontypridd - 30 Oct 2013 - Five Stars
I was absolutely gobsmacked at the shops range! I cannot fault them both for said stock, knowledge and prices, which are extremely reasonable! I’d recommend them to anyone. Brilliant!

Jason , Chester - 30 Oct 2013 - Five Stars
I was at a real loss and was really pleased with the help and advice that I received at lendons.

James , Leeds - 29 Oct 2013 - No Stars
Dont go to the shop for trains, this is the responce from the shop keeper "We dont have trains on display there stored, tell me what you want I LL go and get it" Yes folks no way to browse in this shop, its full of model kits and scalectric, the front window contains faded boxes, and not a train in shop.It was a trip to cardiff for me to see friends and after seeing it as high profile retailer that attracted me, my advice look at the other rail shops in cardiff if you vist the welsh capital.What a waste of my time.
[Response: "I'm sorry that you did not like your visit to our shop which has been running successfully since 1944. You entered the shop and immediately walked behind the counter and straight into our private store room without asking the shopkeeper whether the room was open for viewing or even permission to come behind a counter. Our shop is not a large shop, and we have never kept trains out on rummage display, mainly due to the value of the items. You are correct when you say we are not a train shop, we are in fact a model shop which caters for general modellers as well as model railway enthusiasts. When you were asked to leave the store room, you immediately went on the offensive. The manager explained our circumstance to you politely and asked you if there was a locomotive that you would like to see. We have over 1000 locomotives of Steam and Diesel range and over 1000 coaches and wagons. Our customer base both shop and online have always been happy with our service, and it's a shame that you could not get over your grievance of being asked to come out of the store room and act like a normal customer. Your general attitude of "don't bother" is what makes you an unwelcome customer that we would prefer if you went to other stores in Cardiff, not that there are many. As for faded boxes in the window, our shop gets the blaring sun from dawn till dusk, we have specially treated glass to stop boxes fading, but still it's not enough. However, when we do sell faded items from the windows, we do so at a generously discounted price. After all, most people are buying the contents, not the boxes. Ultimately, we try and be as helpful as we can, but with some people this can be an impossible task and we accept we can't please everyone."]


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