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Morris Models


80 Manor Road,  North Lancing,  West Sussex BN15 0HD

Tel: 01903 754850
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Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways Kits Slot Cars Diecast Models


27th May 2014



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Stockists of:

- British Outline - European/Continental Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Liliput, Roco, Trix, Minitrix, Kato, Hobbytrain, Brawa, Piko, Herpa, Ratio, Wills, Woodland Scenics, Wiking, Busch, Preiser, Noch, Faller, Vollmer, Kibri, Gaugemaster, Train Tech, Triantronics, Superquick, Metcalfe, Modelscene, DCC Supplies, Phoenix Precison, Corgi, Oxford Diecast, Classix Vehicles, BT Models, Efe, Airfix, Humbrol, Revell, Scalextric, Vitrains, Fleischmann, Heljan, Farish, Dapol
Scales & Gauges:
2mm, 4mm,

Established over 50 years, a local model shop with wide range of British and European outline model railways. Convenient to Brighton and Worthing (just off A27) with unrestricted free parking outside. Friendly experienced staff. New releases received upon issue by manufacturers. Advance orders for new releases welcome. Also stock Scalextric, plastic construction kits and diecast & plastic vehicle models
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Philip , Southampton - 15 Apr 2015 - Four & a half Stars
First time visit on 15th April 2015. Very well stocked shop and considering the rather cramped conditions most stock is well displayed, though you do have to rummage a bit here and there - But that's not a complaint. Spent a while with the two sales guys who were good fun and very helpful and knowledgeable. I did buy a few items and will definitely visit again when in area. I liked the loyalty card offer too.

Roy , Shoreham By Sea - 30 May 2014 - Four & a half Stars
I have been using morris models for a number of years and have always had excellent service. The staff are very knowledgable and always very helpful. The shop is very well stocked, and if I ever need something that is not in stock they will always order the item for me, and will ring me to let me know when it has arrived. Their knowledge of british and continental railways is very good ( and I believe buses as well) and I have always been pleased with my visits to them. In a time where everything is available on the internet it is great to get good local service and feel that someone cares about my modelling and hobby.

Michael , Newhaven, West Sussex - 23 May 2014 - Two Stars
Very well stocked shop with all sorts but customer service is shockingly poor as they just seemed to want me in and out
[Response: "I do not recognise the customer's name and cannot place any incident to which this may refer and the critical comment is too general to provide a specific response.
We always try to greet customers in a friendly manner when they enter the shop and seek to assist them to find any product or product ranges they wish to find.  If their response indicates that they wish to quietly browse unassisted, then we are pleased to leave them to do just that, inviting them to ask any questions or advice at any point should they need to.  However, we do not wish our customers to feel ignored.
Our emphasis is always to acknowledge a customer's presence and to make them feel free to either browse at will, or to be uninhibited to ask any questions they wish.  We like to think we offer a friendly and informed service.
We are often complimented on our friendly service, and advise offered. If this customer has felt this has not been achieved on his visit, we would wish to apologise if our proactive friendly approach should have been misinterpreted.
Within the context of a retail shops normal opening hours, we would never knowingly wish a customer to feel rushed, and have in the past had several customers who have spent in excess of an hour in the shop, discussing their requirements, browsing, etc and we acknowledging that on occasions the customer may not make a purchase on this visit but hopefully will return in the future, either for more advice, or to make a purchase.  We look to build a long term relationship with customers, this being exemplified by the shop celebrating this year the 50th anniversary of its opening.  With many customers making repeat visits, including many making long journeys to reach us, we consider that many customers are satisfied with this approach and the service we offer.
This customer has not contacted us to date with his specific complaint, but we would be pleased to discuss it with him should he wish to do so to ensure the service we offer is of the highest standard.
We are pleased to note that our well stocked shop is acknowledged; we try to offer an interesting a wide selection of goods."]


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24 March, 2017


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