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West London Models

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214 High Street,  Harlington,  Greater London UB3 5DS

Tel: 020 8897 2326
 Credit Cards accepted Electronic Payments accepted e.g. PayPal Mail Order Service available Opening Hours: MON-SAT 0900-1730. CLOSED WED & SUNDAYS
Worldwide Export: Yes
Model Types Stocked:

Model Railways Kits Slot Cars Radio Control Models Diecast Models


30th January 2015



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West London's Premier Model and Hobby shop since 1975. We stock a full range of R/C models, including Jets, Helicopters, Aeroplanes, Gliders, Freeflight etc and also Slot cars, Trains and Boats. Come in for Personal service and help, or use our Worldwide mail order, or the Online sales facility on our website. We look forward to serving you soon.
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Ray , Tundridge Wells, Kent - 28 Nov 2013 - Five Stars
I was looking for an electric 3d model but not sure what to get. These guys were fantastic and very patient, spending a huge amount of time showing me 4 or 5 different kits and a similar number of different motors, speed controllers and other essential items. At no time did I feel pressured into buying but was given really great advice that simply isn’t available from Online-only retaillers. I ended up buying an extreme flight extra, hacker motor and thunder power lipo set up. What a fantastic machine. Thanks guys for all your help before, during and after my purchase. I would thoroughly recommend this shop. With the demise of so many shops its really good to see one that is thriving by giving that personal service. Long may it continue! Your local model shop - use it or lose it!!


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12 November, 2018


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