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2 North Street,  Inverurie,  Aberdeenshire AB51 4QR

Opening Hours: [Not known]
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10th February 2005



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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Ian , Hatton Of Fintray - 10 Dec 2016 - Four Stars
After getting back into modelling after 30 years I'd really hoped they were still open. As per last review I drove past last Sunday and still closed:(. However, driving past today they are open!! Good selection of what at first glace seems mainly tamiya kits but it was like being 12 again! Long may an actual shop where you can ask advice prosper!

Jim , Inverurie - 19 Aug 2016 - Four & a half Stars
Been a very satisfied customer since before they opened current shop. Always helpful and full of advice and tips. A bit worried that they have been "closed for holidays" for nearly 3 months, have recently suffered a break-in and now all the windows are "whitened out".

Michael , Keith Morayshire - 25 Jun 2016 - Five Stars
I have done a fair bit of buying spares from Karen & George over the years,they are very helpful if you have any queries.And very pleased too help you out,and always very polite,bought my R.C. car&Helicopter from them,George helped set trim on controller for me thanks George. Did have an accident with helicopter,had too replace rotor blades an various other pieces,to get it up an running again.Haven't been over for awhile,but going again soon,got another project in the chute.

Colin , Elgin - 30 Apr 2016 - Four & a half Stars
Cant believe that previous bad feed back at all, thats an agenda for sure and had reason to make a fuss. This is a fine and well stocked model shop, the service I received yesterday was perfect and customer service was as good as it gets, the lady that served me knew her trade and showed friendliness and enthusiasm throughout, even offering to open boxes to compare a scale kit I was not sure about. Oh, and some paint i made an error in purchasing earlier was changed quite happily, something is wrong with that bad report made earlier, it does not match up with my experience at all?? There are not many physical model shops left in Scotland, this one is easily the best in NE Scotland, use it or lose it folks, would hate to see this good shop go under.

Martin , Llangollen - 21 Apr 2016 - Four Stars
I called on 'Models Unlimited' in Inverurie; they are still much in business, were not affected by the flooding. The lady in the shop advised that they don't do email, websites etc and the best way to keep in touch was by telephone. Reasonable selection of model railway items.

Jacob , Peterhead - 08 Feb 2016 - Four & a half Stars
Great shop owned by the couple that works there. great customer service with people who know what they're talking about. as for reviews saying you can't get refunds, respect goes both ways. if you're polite with these guys they'll do everything they can for you.

Victor , Keith Aberdeenshire - 08 Feb 2016 - Five Stars
great shop. always helpful, great range of models highly recommend a vist

Arthur , Aberdeen - 26 Jan 2016 - No Stars
Terrible customer service, be aware, very aware, if you purchase goods from this shop you have absolutely no chance of a refund or an exchange under any circumstances. If you even mention the consumer act or trading standards you are threatened with the police being called because you are being abusive !, they even advise that the last person who asked for a refund was in fact removed from the shop by the police and never got their money back either, don't waste your time.

Graham , Insch, Aberdeenshire - 31 Aug 2015 - Four Stars
Being the only model shop in the north east of scotland, its a bonus having it here, only problem being the prices are a bit high, but you get a personal service, and you will find what your looking for, even if its a specialised item. But needs must and it saves waiting for days, sometimes weeks for stuff to arrive in the post. All in all, its a great shop and the help and assistance is excellent; something you cannot get through the post Lol

Gill , Turriff - 27 May 2015 - One Star
We did arrive after close of business, we travelled 50 mile round trip. We needed advice. Our remote was not purchased from them. My son was told if he drove a vauxhall he wouldn't expect a mercedes garage to fix it. My son was upset, there was no need to be rude. If we cannot fix our remote control car, we will never purchase anything from here.

Chris , Inverurie - 19 Oct 2014 - Two & a half Stars
Models unlimited, inverurie, aberdeenshire, is still open please amend the information on your site they have now been in business 13 years

Charles , Alness , Ross-shire - 25 Feb 2014 - Five Stars
The very best in their field , . The stock is amazing and so varied, and all top quality.Both so very obliging. They have helped me no end to build up my model collection over the years


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