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Eileen's Emporium


Unit 19.12 Highnam Business Centre,  Newent Road,  Gloucester, Gloucestershire  GL2 8DN

 01531 828009
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18th April 2020


Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 4mm, 7mm,

Sheet metal, sheet plastic, brass strip, brass angle, brass tube, plastic angle, plastic strip. Quality tools, blades, drills, taps, dies. BA nuts and bolts, small size metric nuts and bolts. Manufacturer of Avonside Works, Hold and Fold and Bill Bedford etchings. Suppliers of soldering equipment, solder, flux, chemical blackening, adhesives, fluid lead, sheet lead, oils. Products from Modelu, Plastruct, Evergreen, Birchwood Casey, Slaters, Antex, Peco, Cambrian, Swann Morton and many others.

Supplier of materials, tools and equipment to the model maker. We stock an extensive range of brass angle, wire, sheet, rod and strip. Nickel silver sheet, rod and strip and phosphor bronze rod and strip. A full range of miniature twist drills, taps, dies, nuts and bolts suitable for a range of disciplines. Brands include Slaters Plastikard, Evergreen, Plastruct, Antex, Eclipse, Expo, Evostik, Copydex, Uhu, Zap, Vital Bond, Araldte, Rocket, Micro Scale, Modelu, K&S, Peco, Cambrian, Vallorbe, Avonside Works, Hold and Fold, Bill Bedford, Swann Morton, X-Acto, Zona.
Visitors by appointment only.

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