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Trainflow Software


[contact address provided]  Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire

Telephone: 01507 440180
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31st July 2018


Worldwide Export: Yes

Trainflow was founded by Harry Drummond and has offered three computer programs to help railway modellers: Wagonflow, Scaler and Fastclock. Harry has retired and the business is now in new hands. Existing and new clients can make contact through the website. Sorry, no program fixes are possible just yet, but we'll give help where we can.

Wagonflow Software


You spent 1000 devoted hours building your model railway or railroad and now it just sits there gathering cobwebs. You're still interested, you're still buying and building models, so what happened to the urge to run them?

Let me ask you: do you run your freight trains into your station (Or depot), shuffle them a bit, then swap your locomotive and guards van or caboose around - and just trundle them all out again? and do you run your passenger trains in much the same way?

Gets boring, doesn't it?

How about operating your traffic more like a prototypical railway? With clients who want regular and varied freight. With industries that want sensible deliveries of the raw materials they need and forwarding of the products they turn out. In other words, traffic generation that asks for sensible switching and shunting. and how about passenger or freight trains that only run on weekdays, or market days, or during the harvest, winters, holidays or other seasonal periods?

Have you thought of these? of course you have! But manual systems are hard work and even some computer software can be heavy on admin. But Wagonflow takes away the hassle and only needs about 5 minutes per hour to bring you terrific operation!


Automatically knows what traffic to send to your stations.
Keeps track of every wagon on your system.
Moves wagons for a real purpose to known clients.
Encourages realistic shunting.
Gives wagons adequate (and variable) unloading times.
Breaks up regular, boring rakes so trains look fresher.
Varies train length and composition almost every day.


Allows market trains and block trains (e.g. cattle, oil).
Allows late/extra traffic, fair trains and seasonal traffic.
Introduces prototype problems such as too few wagons.
Exchanges traffic between stations as well as hidden sidings.
Permits vehicles to change trains en route.


is easily tailored to YOUR layout - and easily amended.
Can run for a calendar year (Or even several decades!).
Can run a choice of YOUR timetables (Or do without them).
Can run the timetable on its own (Timeflow Mode).
Allows 'Wednesday Only' and similar train patterns.
Can run a choice of wagon fleets.
Can save its position for next time, even if the wagons move.
Can provide a full position list for the restart.
Lets you check wagon positions at any time.


Can print out station shunting lists if you have a printer.
Can also print forms, timetables and wagon fleets.
Includes sample wagon fleets and timetables.
Includes a traffic test routine.
Has a range of auxiliary routines to create and amend files.
Comes with an excellent manual.


Can be used as a full system or in relaxed Autoflow mode.
Can despatch trains for up to 15 stations.
Can be used just as a simple prompt for marshalling trains.
Gives far more purpose to your freight traffic.
Offers interesting operation even to the smallest layout.
Offers a new level of realism.


>>> the point is for YOU to have all the fun! <<<

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