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Formil Model Engineering

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12 Oak Tree Close,  Bedale, North Yorkshire  DL8 1UG

Telephone: 01677 424686
Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available


8th October 2013



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Catalogue: send 6 loose 1st class stamps
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 10mm, Large, Narrow Gauge

Manufacturer of range of Large Scale etched ready-to-fit name, number and worksplates for Gauge 1 (1:32 scale only, NOT 10mm), Gauge 3, G scale, 16mm and 7/8ths scales. Etched 4, 8, 12 & 16mm Gill alphabets & numbers, also GW number & nameplate kits (Including etched numbers and letters) for 5 inch Gauge. Author of 100 page book 'Your G-Scale Locomotive: an easy guide to care and maintenance'. UK 4mm Dyna-Drive range discontinued, but some spares kept for overhaul/repair in my workshop. (Proprietor: John Lythgoe)

Mail order only. A dedicated e-mail link for enquiries is provided from my website. I do not have a retail shop: this is purely a production environment.

Extensive range of high quality etched brass and nickel silver items includes ready-to-fit painted and fully polished name, number and works plates for 7/8ths, 16mm, G and Gauge 1 (1:32). Categories include names of Aircraft; Birds; Ladies (A prolific selection); Gentlemen; Literary; Peaks; Bonnie Scotland; Constellations; Roman towns & cities, plus an interesting group of 'specials'. Full detailed illustrated fixing instructions with each pack. Very sorry: bespoke special orders for these scales no longer accepted.

Recommended adhesive listed in my catalogue, but I am well aware that some modellers prefer to use silicone bathroom-type sealants, so that plates may subsequently removed (With care) without damage to loco paintwork. A better silicone type adhesive is Granville Clear Silicone Sealant 0374. This is available fairly widely in 40g tubes and will withstand the working temperatures of the average garden railway steam loco.

16mm range includes ready-to-fit name and works plates for the live-steam Accucraft Baldwin 1st World War 4-6-0T, including Ashover Light Railway (Also available from Steve Warrington's Back2Bay6) and many WD numberplates with appropriately numbered and dated worksplates. Detailed instructions with each pack. Names and works plates for the Bachmann large scale double Fairlie are available, plus TALIESIN name & works plates for builders & owners of 16mm scale single Fairlies. I also produce a growing number of weatherproof laminated signs & posters printed on aluminium. Your station names can be produced economically by this process.

NEW! Two types of HUNSLET diesel radiator plates available for 1:32, Gauge 3/G scale, also 16mm. RUSTON radiator plate available in 16mm scale, also a nicely detailed GARDNER plate in nickel silver, to advertise your diesel's motive power. BR smokebox numberplates available now in Gauge 1 (1:32) also cover a selection of Accucraft B4 tank locos, plus BR Standard 2-6-4T 80xxx series; ex-GW 57xx 0-6-0PT, ex-LNER A4 and A3 classes, plus B1. More to follow. Correct pattern nameplates are also made to fit the 1:32 Accucraft A3 (These fit over the existing nameplates, which have locating lugs). an increasing range of names is available for the LNER A4 in 1:32 scale. Full 9-plate sets, with illustrated instructions, for the 1:32 'Britannia' class. 15 companion sets of cabside numberplates (And backing plates) for the GW 57xx also available in 1:32 scale. The latter sets also include a fitting gauge so that numberplates can be set at the correct height on the cabside. Growing range of numberplates for the 61xx produced (With backing plates). Huge range of Gauge 1 (1:32) BR shedplates covers all six regions, including many smaller sheds.

Etched Gill alphabets and numbers in 4mm, 8mm, 12mm and 16mm heights, produced in nickel silver and very easy to separate from the sheet. The alphabet follows the geometric style devised for use by signwriters throughout the LNER system (And widely adopted elsewhere). It became a design classic. The numbers are of the style adopted by the LNER for postwar cabside numbering, also used by British Railways for steam locos and the early prototype diesel and electric motive power. LNER-style 4mm nickel silver numbers are available for the tenders and cab sides of LNER Garter Blue A4 Pacifics, because the shape of the numbers differs subtly from the later LNER (And BR) patterns, notably 2, 4 and 5. Additional 'period' alphabets are in preparation. I do NOT make transfers. For these, I suggest that you contact Blackham Transfers, or Fox Transfers.

Special parts for 5 inch Gauge (Intended primarily for model engineers) enable the production of superb number and nameplates, with the appropriate etched backing plates, at very reasonable cost. They make nice souvenirs for your mantelpiece, as well! These, and the necessary GW Swindon numbers and alphabets, are etched in brass. Illustrations of the magnificent name and numberplates produced by the late - and much respected - Roy West, using my etched parts, are shown in my current 24th edition catalogue. These parts may also appear for 7¼ inch Gauge, also 2½ inch and 3½ inch Gauges as production time permits. Users of these gauges should contact me to declare their interest!

In September 2007, Atlantic Publishers published my 100-page money-saving book 'Your G-Scale Locomotive: an easy guide to care and maintenance', price £12.95. (ISBN 1-902827-16-3). This is available from me by mail order (Plus £2 P&P), also from Atlantic Publishers, or your friendly Garden Railways dealer, many of whom keep this, and other GardenRail Specials, in stock. Bookshops can obtain this to special order: quote the ISBN.

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