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Dingham Autocouplers

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24 Nursery Lane,  Addingham,  Ilkley, West Yorkshire  LS29 0TN

Telephone: 01943 831935
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17th January 2016


Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 4mm, 7mm,

The Dingham Autocoupler is probably the least obtrusive commercially available automatic coupler for model railway vehicles in 7mm scale (O gauge) and 4mm scale (00, EM and P4/S4). It also has the advantage of a delayed uncoupling action without the need to move the shunting loco back and forth to operate the delay mechanism. Electromagnets for both scales and springs for fitting 7mm couplers to stock are also supplied.

Quick and easy to fit to new or existing stock �' the Dingham Autocoupler mounts through the existing coupler slot on the buffer plank or headstock, or a hole can be drilled in the beam and hidden behind one of the drawgear endplates supplied on the etch. Electromagnetic operation with latching mechanism �' the hinged loop and latch mechanism of the Dingham Autocoupler means that, once uncoupled, it stays uncoupled until the operator wants to couple up again. This means that only one electromagnet is required for a fan of sidings and also provides �' Ability to uncouple vehicles at will in a moving train �' as a train is propelled over the electromagnet, wagons can be uncoupled at will whilst the train is on the move. No more having to stop over the magnet and then perform an unprototypical back and forth shuffle to uncouple and place a fixed loop on top of a fixed latch.

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