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Snapshot: Laurie Griffin Miniatures


Laurie Griffin Miniatures and Shedmaster Models castings are now combined in one list of over 1200 castings and components available only from Laurie Griffin Miniatures. Details are available either by downloading the list or by post if you prefer an illustrated catalogue. (Please send an A4 SAE with a large letter postage stamp.)

Also available by post is the list of currently available locomotive and rolling stock kits.

Laurie Griffin Miniatures produces high quality model-making, both complete models and parts for you to use in your own projects. Specialising in "one off", Scratchbuilt Locomotives, the need has arisen for high quality components not available from existing ranges. The solution is to produce them and so a rapidly expanding range of castings and other components is now available as the "Laurie Griffin Miniatures" castings range.

7mm Fine Scale Castings. The range covers the "Big Four" interwar grouping, GWR, LMS, LNER and SR, along with many of their "Pre-Group" constituents, and post 1947, British Railways. The castings lean towards the locomotive and its fittings, but as the range extends parts for coaches, wagon and scenic items are being added. It is always interesting to hear your opinion and needs. If you feel an item not available would fit into the range please suggest it, you never know, it might well appear.

In the same way, items often have uses beyond that intended. For example, an item listed as LSWR origin may well be that perfect match for the Furness Railway Locomotive you are building. If so, we would be delighted to know!

"Ready - to - Run" 7mm Finescale Locomotives stand alongside the Castings range. There are always a small number of locomotives for sale. These cover a changing choice of prototype, and reflect Laurie's own personal interest. If you are interested in commissioning a Scratch built model, in either 7mm Finescale, S7, or Gauge One then Laurie will be happy to draw up a design and quote for your own favourite locomotive. As each project is given individual attention, it is usually possible to incorporate your own individual preferences into the specification. Painting can be arranged if required, and this is normally with one of the acknowledged "Top Class" model painters, again to your choice.

BA11 5EQ
Tel: 01373 455194
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Laurie Griffin Miniatures


Highcroft View,  West Woodlands,  Nr Frome, Somerset  BA11 5EQ

Telephone: 01373 455194 Click here to contact Supplier by e-mail

Credit Cards accepted Mail Order Service available


26th November 2015



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Catalogue: large (a4) sae, or email etc
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm, 10mm,

Laurie Griffin Miniatures Castings and all Shedmaster Models Castings, Locomotive, Coach and Rolling Stock Kits and components are available, extending to over 1400 castings. Also available is an extensive range of over 30 different 7mm locomotives, biased towards Pre-Grouping designs but containing some more modern prototypes and rolling stock kits. Also available is a smaller range of 10mm/ft brass castings for the SR Beattie Well Tank.

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