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Natural Scenics Ltd


Unit 7 Ashley Industrial Estate,  Mereside,  Soham, Cambridgeshire  CB7 5EE

Telephone: 01353 721888  Mobile: 07876 809652
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15th April 2015



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Catalogue: enquire by telephone, email or post
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, Large,

Natural Scenics Ltd is a UK based private company which designs and manufactures a wide range of scenic materials for the hobbyist, modeller and professional scenic maker, and complements its range with a series of display plinths with their own unique scenic infills, available with or without acrylic or glass covers. A bespoke service is also offered, contact sales directly. A comprehensive range of electro-mechanical components is also available with each pack containing a relevant data sheet.

Natural Scenics Ltd is a world-class company in the making. We specialise in picturesque, high-quality products for the model hobbyist that emphasise 'realism in miniature'. based in ampthill, Bedfordshire, and established in 2009, Natural Scenics aims to manufacture products of fine detail, accuracy, and realism combined with a stringent, focused business ideal and emphasising supreme quality at an affordable price and, foremost of all, design and manufacture exclusively in the United Kingdom.

We cater to model hobbyists and enthusiasts of any level, from beginner to advanced, and to a wide range of product areas, including railway, construction, agricultural, landscaping and war-gaming. We offer a range of scenic materials, electronic components, and display plinths, available in a variety of sizes and edge mouldings, with or without acrylic or glass covers which are unique to Natural Scenics.

All of our scenic materials are hand-made from environmentally-friendly sources wherever possible and are suitable for a variety of scales & gauges. Our extensive range of electronic components are distinctively packaged with a comprehensive data sheet. Our uniquely hand-crafted display plinths will allow you to display your prized models proudly and safely. We offer a bespoke service for a tailor made display plinth / diorama or showcase, where we aim to offer unique products to our customers, and will create a plinth / diorama or showcase to your specifications for the highest levels of authenticity.

Natural Scenics products are available from a variety of retailers across the country. Our customers are of utmost importance to Natural Scenics Ltd and are firmly at the heart of our business. We therefore endeavour to make trading with Natural Scenics Ltd as simple as possible. To this end, customers can order from us direct to acquire larger or multiple quantities, and are free to contact us via a multitude of sources to discuss any queries or to order a custom display plinth.

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29 December, 2017

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