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The Weathering Works Limited


[contact address provided]  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

  Mobile: 07747 092772
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20th February 2019


Worldwide Export: Yes
Services offered by this Supplier: Painting & Weathering,

Welcome to the Weathering Works . Home of weathered model railway items in all gauges we offer exhibition standard weathering at affordable prices. Our weathering service ranges from steam and diesel locos to wagons and vehicles in OO gauge N gauge and O Gauge Using a variety of techniques from airbrushing to hand work we can transform your model from a plastic toy to a work of art. Each item in the real world is different and as such deserves our unique individual treatment in model form.

The aim of weathering is to give the models a sense of realism that they simply dont have straight out of the box and remove their plastic appearance. In reality even within a few days of service locos and wagons become dirtied so why not replicate this in model form. from track dirt to exhaust fumes it can all be replicated by TheWeatheringWorks.

Aswell as selling weathered stock direct via eBay ( stores.Ebay******/The-Weathering-Works ) I also offer a weathering service by which you send me whatever you would like weathering and I send it back to you weathered to your desires.

Each item is individually weathered by hand and airbrush using a variety of techniques. Other sellers only use airbrushes creating unrealistic generic weathering. Each item in the real world is different and as such deserves our unique individual treatment in model form.

Prices for the weathering service can be found on the Weathering service page of my website. This service varies from a dusting of dirt to reflect stock not long in service to a thoroughly uncared for and dirty piece which has chipped faded paintwork etc. A multitude of colours, techniques and mediums are used to enhance the appearance of your stock. I can work from photos you send me and replicate what I see in the photo or you can just give me a description and I can work from there.

Please also check out our store which can be found on eBay. stores.Ebay******/The-Weathering-Works .If you dont have an eBay account but like the items on there I am always happy to do deals on items so by all means get in touch and im sure we can sort something out to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions by all means get in touch and I hope you find everything you are looking for. Thankyou from the Weathering Works.

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