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A D M Turntables


14 Townsend Leys,  Higham Ferrers,  Rushden, Northamptonshire  NN10 8LW

Telephone: 01933 411127  Mobile: 07770 977867
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7th March 2018


Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 2mm, 4mm,

A British designed and manufactured fully Indexing Turntable Drive System suitable for N gauge, OO and larger gauge layouts. As featured in issue 84 (June 2014) of the Hornby magazine and the July 2014 edition of BRM magazine.Information about how to install, programme and operate our turntable can be seen in the April and June 2016 editions of the Hornby magazine.

Features of our Indexing Drive System:
- the N and OO gauge versions, are based on a commercially available turntable
- drive system also available for larger gauges
- uniquely has the bridge live through 360 degrees, preventing breaks in sound for sound equipped locos
- is driven by a 'toothed' belt
- is a quiet running system, powered by a stepper motor with up to 100 programmable indexing positions which we think makes it the ultimate 'indexing' turntable solution.

What's in the indexing turntable package?
- a fully assembled and tested indexing turntable
- a 2 line display keypad controller panel (control panel box available for an additional £12)
- 2 metres of Cat 5 Cable - alternative lengths can be supplied on request
- a 12v transformer and
- comprehensive installation, programming and operating instructions

Also available is our bespoke turntable installation solution suitable for N and OO gauge turntables.

Take a look at our website for exhibition locations or alternatively give us a call if you are interested.

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