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15 Cypress Close,  Taverham,  Norwich, Norfolk  NR8 6QG

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1st August 2016


Scales: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm,

Wireless Model Railway controllers for DC layouts. The Model 601 is a professionally designed analogue Model Railway Controller incorporating the latest wireless technology to enable control of your locomotives with a Smartphone or Tablet using the FREE App available from the Google Play Store. The App incorporates a "LOCO SIMULATOR" so it can be evaluated without requiring the presence of a controller.

The 601 is a basic DC controller and can be operated as such to control one unmodified locomotive with speed control and forward/backward selection. It can be programmed with the standard DCC CV’s Start Voltage (CV2), Acceleration (CV3), Deceleration (CV4) and Max Voltage (CV5) which greatly improve the operation and realism of your locos, especially older locos without gearing.
Locos can be set to start slowly, then accelerate and decelerate at realistic rates, made possible by the PWM (Pulse width modulation) output from the 601. This is particularly noticeable in older locos which, mainly because of their lack of gears, tend to be binary in operation - either stopped or going fast. These parameters are stored in the controller and retained when power is removed which can be very useful, for instance, if you want to restrict another user to a maximum loco speed. The 601 requires a power supply of 8V-20V DC and the Track output is fully short-circuit protected.
Smartphone’s are finding their way into controlling most things these days, including model railways, but tend to require quite a bit of extra hardware computers, Wi-Fi routers etc. The 601 requires just an FREE Android App, available from the Google Play Store, to operate. Running the App will very quickly enable a robust and reliable Bluetooth connection to the 601 with a practical range in excess of 150 feet (in free air). This means you can control your locos from quite a distance without being tethered by wires especially useful in an exhibition environment.

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