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21st October 2016



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Catalogue: on line
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 4mm, 7mm,

Protocab - wireless control for battery powered locomotives. Currently this suits O gauge and most 4mm scale engines. The performance of the locomotive is controlled by a closed radio circuit using mobile phone technology. The locomotive has a small lithium-ion battery which gives approx 4.5 hours running time. The hand controller can 'adopt' up to 9 locomotives, although only one may be used at any one time. This avoids all the problems of using the rails for both power and control.

Advantages of the System:-

Because the system is insulated from the track, engines can be run on an existing layout, alongside other locomotives using simple Direct Control (DC) or Digital Command Control (DCC).

on a new layout there will be no need for any track wiring. As this eliminates most under board soldering it also saves time and enables you to test your running qualities as the trackwork is laid. It also eliminates most sources of bad and intermittent running. Since the power source is in the locomotive there is no voltage drop over long distances. Thus it is practical for large and outdoor layouts. The range is at least 140 yards, and the high frequency signals will penetrate most tunnels.

Control Features:-

the single knob controller provides full speed in either direction with a central stop position and a smooth change of speed and direction throughout. Or it may be switched to 'simulation mode' whereby it controls the acceleration and braking rates from one speed to another. The battery in the controller may be charged whilst the unit is in use. Thereby avoiding any embarrassing stops. The battery in the locomotive on the other hand will stop abruptly, should it become flat during operation.

Updating and Support:-


Tuning the individual locomotive chacteristics:-

Maintaining the system:-

Multiple Locomotives and Controllers:-

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13 June, 2017

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