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Megapoints Controllers


[contact address provided]  Cuddington, Cheshire

   07846 409320
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23rd August 2019


Worldwide Export: Yes

British designer and manufacturer of control boards for servo based point motors. The MegaPoints Controller allows up to 12 sets of points to be operated by standard radio control type servos. With servo prices as low as £1.70 in the UK this board allows access to inexpensive motors for your model railway layout. See the web site for instructional videos, product details or to download the documentation.

MegaPoints Controllers are a British concern designing and building innovative low cost points controllers using off the shelf servo motors that cost as little as £1.35. Our products have networking built in and are easily expanded and coupled together. A DCC module is available that can operate a single MegaPoints Controller or be used as a gateway that can drive up to 192 sets of points.

With value for the modeller in mind, we share our knowledge showing where to buy components at the best prices and demonstrate through instructional videos how they can be installed etc.
Our innovative range includes stacking mimic panel drivers that allow modellers to unbox and hook up everything on the bench before committing anything to a layout. No assembly of the boards is required.

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