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If you have something to say about how useful (or otherwise) you have found this site please let us know via the General Enquiries form.
As an enthusiast myself encouragement will be greatly appreciated as I am only trying to promote the hobby for all and am always open to constructive critiscism.

From Dave Williamson

Thanks, Adrian, for all of the hard work that you have put in over this and other years. Your site is the first port of call for information regarding model railways, certainly model shops and exhibitions . Your information is highly regarded within the two model clubs that I am chairman of. Thanks again, and a merry Christmas. Dave Williamson Peterborough (Viscount) Model Railway Club. Peterborough Group 16mm Association.

From Rob Pendry

[...] By the way, the UK Model Shops directory is very easy to use and is a mine of information! Thanks again Rob

From Michael Stickland, Bexhill on Sea

Hi Adrian May I in return thank you for all your hard work in maintaining the website and providing such useful information. There must be thousands of people who benefit from it, but they never have the opportunity to thank you - So thank you!! Kind regards Mike

From David Cockerham, Lanetop Models

Hello Adrian, Hope you're well. Just wanted to say thanks for the continued support with the ads and everything, I'm still getting more hits from UKMS than my ads in the 'Glossies'. much appreciated for a fairly new business to get advertising revenue for such a reasonable outlay smile Regards David

From Graham Bevan, Exhibition Manager Wimborne Railway Society

Dear Adrian, I have just submitted details of our Model Railway Open Day in December. I compliment you on having put together a very clear form to complete (perhaps refined over time!). Thank you for the service you provide for this hobby. The word reaches far and wide and saves much time and effort for Exhibition Managers. Best Wishes, Yours sincerely, Graham Bevan Wimborne Railway Society Exhibition Manager

From Susan Copestake, Derbyshire Model Trains

I would like to say a big thank you to Adrian Hall for his outstanding attention to helping me sort out joining this site. He sorted out everything in super quick time even though he was on holiday. 1ST CLASS !!

From Fred Enbee,

Just to say thanks for your newsletters they are a great source of info..
Thanks and regards......fred

From David Tremeer, Hucclecote Methodist Church

Hi Adrian.
Some suppliers' websites are so frustrating to use that it seems they have never been "user" tested before release to the public. I hasten to say that I find the "The UK Model Shops Directory" most useful and "user friendly".
Thank you very much for resolving the problem I was seeing.
Best wishes David.

[Editors Note: David brought a problem with the Newsletter not displaying properly in MS Outlook to my attention.]

From John Rainbow, Hucclecote Methodist Church

Thanks very much for doing this.
Your site is a really good example of how the web should be used. Keep up the good work.

From Lynda Smith-Hargreaves, Fox Transfers Ltd

We are happy to say, the advertising with you has definitely increased our web traffic - you have a great site there.
The UK Model Shop Directory is a credit to you and all the hard work you must have to put in.
Kind regards, Lynda

From Tom Jenkins,

I am indebted to your newsletters as a local exhibition changed its scheduled exhibition date and I only discovered this through your newsletter. Keep up the good work - we now rely on you to keep us in the picture.
Cheers, Tom Jenkins

From Charlie Miller, Newcastle & District Model Railway Society

I was travelling for work last week, as usual, and like to take a modelling project with me.
I used your website to locate a model shop in Leamington Spa to buy an emergency tin of paint and thinners as mine had gone dry. Previously I have found model shops in Nottingham , Derby, Bournemouth and Telford areas.
So please keep up the good work. Regards, Charlie.

From Dave Williamson

Congratulations on another year with a very informative website, with accurate up-to-date information, as well as the new innovation - the newsletter. Again, congratulations, and a happy new year. Dave, Peterborough VMRC, and Peterborough 16mm Society branch.

From Roger Beschizza

Good morning Adrian
I have just received my first copy of your e-newsletter and wanted to congratulate you on a well thought out and well produced communication.
You have a good level of information about a wide variety of subjects - all of interest to me. It is easy on the eye and easy to read. I like the fact that details are left in the background for most items requiring the reader to click "more" if that it was they need.
I look forward to subsequent issues.
Well done, Roger

From Tony Hoffman - Railscene Today

The directory is such a wonderful resource for all things model railways and having used the e-layouts for both my events thus far I won't hesitate in placing a link on my website and in the show brochure.

From Monique en Ger, Netherlands

Hi Adrian, Yep, I simply called the phonenumber and there were problems. Within 10 minutes the website was back online, Chris Gibbon even sent me an email to confirm it. So, problem solved very quick! Thank's to your site it was possible for me to contact them! Keep up the good work, it's a very helpful site on the mainland! Best regards, Ger

From Kelvin Watson, Hurley 0 Gauge Group

Hi Adrian - Many thanks for all your excellent work you do with the UK Model Shops Directory - hugely appreciated!

From John Kneeshaw, St Neots MRC

Thank you Adrian, it looks good. We are very happy to support UKMS, and we appreciate the work involved in maintaining and operating your site.
Best wishes, John.

From Clive Armour

Dear Adrian, just a quick note to thank you for your help and support in advertising our event, I have to say most of our visitors found our exhibition due to your coverage, and I will be happy to use your services again. We will be having another exhibition at some time next year however we do not know the venue yet as the Sqdrn is moving to new premises at the end of the year. I will certainly let you know when that will be. Thanks again.
Regards, Clive Armour.

From Ian Everett

Not an enquiry - just a note to say how much I appreciate your MR Exhibitions web site. The comprehensiveness of the information, the simple way it is set out and clever ideas such as selecting shows within 50 miles (or whatever) of my home reflect well on your ability and enthusiasm.
Well done and many thanks!

From Nick Williams

Once again I am driven to compliment you upon your web site. If only all websites were so well designed with regards to user friendliness the web would be a wonderfull place!! It is easy to navigate - current (as usual)- easy to read and access desired information - and looks very professional. Heartfelt congratulations to whoever you guys have maintaining it.
Best regards,
Nick Williams

From Peter Chandler

Hi Adrian, just wanted to say your site is rather marvellous :-)
Yesterday, as is always the way, was right in the middle of building a model and realised I was short of some paints. I must admit to not having been modelling for a few years (lots of 1:24 kits in the loft ready to be built), so off I went to my local model shop ... I hasten to add that I hadn't checked you site before my trip. So when I got to the shop and found it closed down, groaned a bit, but then set off for XXXX as knew they could always be relied upon. Then to my horror, found they had gone as well (I would have known this if I had checked your excellent site before setting out). So got home very disappointed, no paints, half built model gasping to be completed .... so looked around internet for another model shop locally and found your site. :-) ..... Thanks once again for such an excellent site, take care, Peter

From Alex,

Love your web site use it all the time. Warmest regards.

From Nigel, Milford Models & Hobbies

Many thanks for all the hard work. I know it works, not only because customers have told me that they found the shop on your site, but I am getting more referals from you than from Google! Not bad at all! All the best.

From Mike Wakelin

I wish all websites were this good. I came looking for a retailer in my area that might deal in second hand tri-ang trains. The county search and quick display of details made the job easy. A second listing of dealers that specialize in second hand items gave me a cross reference to make it easier still. Well done!

From Dave Williamson

Many thanks for yet another year of information concerning this vast hobby of model railways. Our club uses your web site a lot, and would miss it if it were not available. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
from the Chairman and Members of the Peterborough (Viscount) Model Railway Chub. Thanks.

From Alan Chell

You have an excellent website - it is so useful to find products, exhibitions and model shops all over the country.
Anyone who is not on your website should be because I am sure they are losing buiness.
Regarding model railways (I am 61 and have had layouts since I was 16) - these should be considered an artform. When I visit exhibitions I am always amazed at the excellent work done on layouts and they are truly a work of art. It is time modelling railways was recognised for its expertise and creative skills - a darn site better than a dead sheep or an empty bed in an art gallery - we should group together put model railways on the cultural map and ensure our models are part of UK's cultural heritage.
Best regards
Alan Chell

From Malcolm Priestman - Exhibition Manager, Hartlepool Model Railway Exhibition

Hi Adrian,
I have to say that your web site is a boon to Event Organisers, last night I went to links and came across a company in the Borders who makes modeltrees, I e-mailed them details of the event with a small stand price.
This morning I received a 'Hi Malcolm, Thanks for the invitation and yes please we would love to come, cheque waiting'.
Now that to me is the advantage of a site such as yours, it saves me so much time.
So long may you continue, and thanks for thinking of the idea in the first place.

From Robin Sharman

<snipped> I really do appreciate your site. I refer to it quite often when I'm on my travels to see what model shops there are in a particular area. Thank you.
A good example of this, as you might remember, is the shop in Whitchurch that I couldn't find and thought had closed down. You kindly investigated and found that they had moved. Your current feedback shows that this shop is still a bit hard to find, but being aware of this will surely help future visitors. It's certainly on my own list of "must visit"s when I'm next passing Whitchurch by road or canal (I was on a narrowboat last time).
Thank you again for your excellent and greatly appreciated enhancement of my enjoyment of railway modelling.

From Dave Kemp

many thanks for the Model Rail index, brilliant stuff

From Brian Macdermott : Herefordshire

Adrian - Thanks for providing a great site which continues to improve year on year. All the best for Christmas and 2005. Brian

From Gary Needham : Yorkshire

Hi Adrian.

Thank you for taking the time to reply - I appreciate that.

Your web site is a a great idea that will be useful to many of us modellers. By sharing such information it can only be to the collective good of the hobby!

I wish you continued success with this venture and thank you for making the effort to set all this up for our benefit.

Best wishes.

Gary Needham

From Mike Jackson : Ohio, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for your terrific site. I live in the USA, so I don't have normal ready access to British Railway information. Your site makes it very easy to find.
I did have one question about a link on your site. I clicked on the Perseverance/Puffers link on your site and it came back "not found". Have they discontinued their site?
(Have telephoned them and the website was discontinued in March - AH)

Thanks again.


Mike Jackson

From Gary : Hertfordshire

Hello Webmaster, Just a short note to tell you that Hobbies and Crafts in Potters Bar have closed down. I have driven past it twice this week and the windows are empty and the big 'To Let' sign is above the door. Hope this is useful so you can update the best model rail info site on the web.

Many thanks

From Tim Mulhall : OnTracks

Hi Adrian, You are still on of our top three referrers (excluding search engines) and we have seen a 60% increase in sales during the last 6 months since we re-launched the website.


From David Temple : Barry & Penarth Model Railway Club

Hi Adrian, Thanks for contacting me. I very much appreciate the effort you put into UK Model Shops. It must now be one of the most complete directories of UK railway modelling etc on the Web.
Thanks for adding our Open Day.

Many thanks

David Temple

From Philip Millard : Home of 'O' Gauge

Adrian, You are very imaginative and capable, and your site is a great credit to its designer/manager (you!). It beats any competitors hollow!

Yours sincerely,
Philip A.Millard
Home of 'O' Gauge
528, Kingston Road

From Allen Doherty : Worsley Works Kits

Adrian, I have recently fitted a Tracker to my site "Worsley Works" to try to find out where my visitors were coming from and you've guessed it a lot of them are coming from your site "The UK Model Shop Directory". You really are a ONE STOP SOURCE for everything in MODEL RAILWAYS. Because your site is categorised I know which section they are coming from and I have some indication of what my visitors are looking for and can 'hopefully' fill their needs.

Allen Doherty

From Tish Holmes at Modelpals, UK

Hi Adrian, Just thought I would let you know your site has worked for us again. We had an enquiry from New Zealand and needed to find a shop for the chap so where did we turn to? Yes, UK ModelShops Directory of course. Found the details so have e-mailed them off. Thanks for the help your site has given us again.

From David Cooke at Classic Trains Plus, Arizona

Adrian, My name is David Cooke, I am a Brit living in the USA (20yrs). My business over here has been buying, selling and painting American Brass. About a year ago for sentimental reasons I built myself a DJH A1, one of my customers saw it and the rest is history. I now have substantial orders for British kits to be built up and painted and without your list I would have found it next to impossible to buy the supplies I needed.

From Martin Creek, Coventry

I live in Coventry but work all over the midlands. I like to try a new shop if I finish work early and am heading home, so have made use of your site several times to get an address for a new shop. On the same trip I successfully found Roy's Models in Rubery and bought something there, so not entirely unsuccessful.
As an aside, I also used the online catalogue section of the site to find something I needed (handrail knobs for a kit started many years ago) by mail order.

All the best
Martin Creek

From George O'Hagan, New York

I have just returned to the States, and want to thank you for the tip. Yes, Mark's Models was indeed a full fledged hobby shop in Cork City, and I was able to get a BR loco and a buffet car for my American HO layout which I am building. We here in the USA are able to get German, Swiss, French and Austrian locos and rolling stock, but for some reason, I can never find any BR items. I spent a lot of time in England in 1971-72 after coming home from the wr, and getting a period model meant a lot to me.

Again, I appreciate your help.

George O'Hagan

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