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PE36 5AF
01485 533324


Hunstanton Models


36 High Street,  Hunstanton,  Norfolk PE36 5AF

 01485 533324   07873 268483
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Worldwide Export: No
Model Types Stocked:


10th March 2020


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Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Farish, Dapol, Natural Scenics
Scales & Gauges:
2mm, 4mm,
N, T, O, OO, HO, G
Other Model Railway Products Stocked:
Rolling Stock Kits, Track, Trackside Accessories, Scratchbuilding Materials,
Other Modelling Products Stocked:
Books & DVDs, Paints & Glues, Plastic & Card kits, Scenic Materials, Scratchbuilding Materials, Tools
Services Available:
- Modelling Advice - DCC Decoder Fitting -

A BIG little model and hobby shop offering a range of quality gift sets, arts and craft supplies and all the popular brand names you would expect in RC, diecast, boats, trains, planes, automobiles. Numerous established brand names available such as Airfix, Artstat, Bachmann, Billings, Century UK, Corgi, Gaugemaster, Graham Farish, Hornby, HPI, Oxford, Peco, Piko, Revell, Ripmax, Scalextric, Streets Ahead and lots more
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Garry , Staffordshire - 01 Feb 2019 - Four & a half Stars
I actually visited this shop last year while on a short break in Hunstanton. We hadn't been to the town before, and it speaks for itself that we will be taking a break there this year as well. When we do this shop will be high on my list of places to visit. A 'Proper' Old style model shop with room to browse and a good selection of stock. I picked up a boxed 60's Tri-Ang point in perfect condition for a pound, so felt value was good, and the service was friendly. A proper model shop, and the perfect place for a modeller to pick up a souvenir when in the area.

Peter , Rugby - 02 Sep 2018 - One & a half Stars
Well stocked shop but owner completely ignored us even though we were the only ones in the shop. The signs on the Windows warning of dire consequences for anyone taking children into the shop are possibly indicative of the nature of those running the shop. Some of us are perfectly able to control our children without some ridiculous sign suggesting the owner will take the law into his own hands. Chose to make my purchases elsewhere. Will not be rushing bavk!
[Response: "Dear Peter from Rugby, Thank you for the time you took to write your review. I can assure you, you were not ignored, but provided the freedom to browse at your leisure. You were under constant supervision – but very discrete and very subtle. The ‘signs’, which have been in place for the last 4 years on my windows are in keeping with others I see in town and further afield, with the exception of the one that you must have missed - ‘Warm Welcome – Usually’ . The signs are indicative of our visitor experience where further guidance on how to behave in our emporium is required. You may be perfectly right when you write that your children don’t need any additional supervision, congratulations – but you are in the minority. These signs are a useful reminder on appropriate behavior when entering a shop of distinction, but the signs are slightly whimsical or you can take offence in which case you are in the wrong place. (Need to get a life!) There are no dire consequences - apart from those reserved for shop lifters or product damages. For the most part responsible parents take the opportunity to reinforce in their offspring - look with your eyes not your hands - which usually covers most events. However, both youngsters and adults think it ok to open boxes/paints, flick through publications that then cannot be sold due to dog earing, test the suspension/wheels of display models, and just drop items, sometimes breaking them and then putting them back on the shelf without saying. Very young children have a tendency to run around which is not safe – sit on boxed plastic kits – draw on the art paper/books – think the shop is a play room and need constant supervision – if such supervision is lacking I will intervene. It is my business and my stock and where safety is concerned - potentially my responsibility. As for those that think it’s OK to eat /drink / suck sticky food stuffs – Again I will say no thank you! IT IS NOT OK – (I was brought up not to eat in the street!) Hunstanton Models has been serving its patrons for nearly 20 years. For the most part our patrons are discerning modelers that respect the stock and appreciate just how expensive the products are and my considerable investment in their hobby. Unfortunately, some visitors think we are a tourist attraction – somewhere to go when it’s wet/cold or a substitute entertainment center for their bored offspring! I would love a pound for every visitor that walks in – says nothing -even when given a warm welcome – and leaves without so much as a thank you for providing a warm, dry refuge of interest."]

Neil , Southport - 30 Aug 2018 - Four Stars
Excellent Shop in all ways -Plenty of stock-Covering alot of modelling -Railways oo and n -Plastic kits -R/c -Plenty of room to view it -Nice owner that's interested.Reasonable prices for a change too -Worth a visit if your near!


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