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Alton Model Centre


7a Normandy Street,  Alton,  Hampshire GU34 1DD

 01420 542244
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Opening Hours: TUE-SAT: 9am-5.00pm, SUN: SEE WEBSITE / CALL
Worldwide Export: No
Model Types Stocked:


14th April 2019


Stockists of:

- British Outline -
Manufacturers stocked:
Bachmann, Hornby, Peco, Heljan, Farish, Dapol, Tamiya, Airfix, Efe, Corgi, Oxford Rail, Oxford Diecast, Base Toys, Classix, Humbrol, Expo Tools, Vallejo, Railmatch, Revell, Gaugemaster, Metcalfe, Kestral, Slaters, Parkside, Ratio, Wills, Knightwing, Woodland Scenics, Superquick
Scales & Gauges:
2mm, 4mm, 7mm,
N, OO, HO, O
Other Model Railway Products Stocked:
Rolling Stock Kits, Track, Trackside Accessories, Scratchbuilding Materials,
Other Modelling Products Stocked:
Books & DVDs, Paints & Glues, Plastic & Card kits, Scenic Materials, Scratchbuilding Materials, Tools
Services Available:
- Modelling Advice - DCC Decoder Fitting -

Alton Model Centre is arguably Hampshire's premier model centre for the Railway Modeller from N to O. Plastic kits, Scalextric, Railway Books & Magazines.
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 Previously submitted Customer Comments

Stephen , Argyll and Bute - 04 Jul 2020 - Five Stars
I am more than happy with my experience of Alton Model Centre, I would recommend anyone to use this shop. For me it was via their website and was based upon recommendations I had seen in model railway videos on social media. I knew what I was looking forward, saw it on the website and contacted the business owner, Paul, to arrange purchase and delivery, (You cannot buy direct on the website). It was sent to me in Scotland and I received it 2 days later in perfect condition and very well packed. First class service from a super retailer, I will purchase again in the future from this smashing shop.

Brian , Hampshire - 02 Apr 2020 - Five Stars
Ignore the review from John of Lancashire, they obviously don't know how to use a shop up there. Alton Model Shop may not be big BUT it has a lot more than they can display - You just have to ask. I get all my track and stuff there - Locos too. They are helpful and knowledgeable and the customers often chip in with friendly advice. Top shop for your railway modelling needs.

Mike , Surrey - 25 Nov 2019 - Four & a half Stars
Easily reached by car or train, very well stocked and set out, knowledgeable and helpful, including staying late to sort out a problem with a misbehaving loco. A faulty product immediately replaced, and items ordered and delivered promptly if not in stock

Stuart , Fleet, Hampshire - 11 May 2016 - Five Stars
This has been my local model shop since moving to Hampshire 15 years ago and I keep going back because I know that whatever I need will be in stock or can be ordered there and then. Bob and Caroline provided many years of excellent service and that same service is now being provided by Paul and occasional help. Massive stocks to just browse through or if you cant see what want just ask and the stock computer will tell instantly if there are any in the storeroom.They always have time for a chat or to provide information and advice. I am always able to give new locos a test run if i want and can thoroughly recommend this shop.

Mike , Surbiton Surrey - 29 Apr 2016 - Four Stars
I visited this shop earlier this week. Very impressed. Lots of items on display from paint & tools to train sets. The owner was very pleasant and helpful & obviously knew his stuff. There is lots more stock not on display if you ask. I did and came away with a Bachmann carriage which had arrived earlier in the day and 2 out of production locos I had been looking for.

David , Surrey - 27 Apr 2016 - Five Stars
Popped in for a visit as I was in the locality. A veritable emporium with so much stock on display. It was an absolute pleasure to browse and there was no pressure from the staff who were friendly and helpful. An enquiry for a wagon I wanted but which was not on display resulted in a quick system search and lo and behold it was found - and duly purchased. As McArthur said - " I will return!"

Clive , Oxfordshire - 20 Apr 2016 - Five Stars
Very substantial stocks across the board in all scales. loads of paints and glues. Shop owner has good grasp of modern electrics and DCC. Test track available so you can test loco on purchase. All stock computerised so you check for something a bit older if not on display. Some older RTR stock at older prices! Staff are friendly with GSOH.

John , Lancashire - 15 Apr 2016 - One Star
Visiting the South for a few days so I thought I would take a look and see what the physical shops were like after taking a look at the online shops. This shops online presence is nothing, it proudly claims to be Hampshires "Premier" model centre, if thats the case then I hate to think what the rest of my visit will be like. The online shop boasts "18" products, hardly what I would consider a premier site. On entering the shop you are confronted with a maze of those stands that spin, they are crammed in so tight, it's hard to move around them or even see what is on them, two people wanting to look at the same stand or stands, next to each other would soon get into a fight. There is barely room for customers to stand one deep at the counter, undeterred I moved into the next room, brushing past all the loosely hung stuff in the walkway, and WOW the people in Hampshire must be giants, although my experience shows they are not, the walls look as though they are literally papered with products, some must be 10ft off the floor, and we are taliking Ratio kits here not sets or large itmes!, they are hung from floor to ceiling,if there was such a thing as "sky hooks" this shopd owner would be the main buyer, I am not joking, one of the assistants had to get a set of large (5 tread) steps from a back room in order to get a customer something, there also doesn't seem to be any organisation to the place, the packets are placed so randomly it's hard for the casual browser to ascertain where one gauge or scale ends and another starts, this place is definitley a world away from Hattons. The centre of the room has a mass of shelves crammed full of .. what I can only describe as "Stuff" and nothing in particular, the guy running this shop cannot be married, anyone with a wife would have to have a shop better than this! There is another small room at the back, but I dared not venture in there for fear of the unknown. moving back towards the counter, there was no effort of "eye contact" or attempt at polite conversation, I quickly bade goodbye and left them talking to an obvious regular. How this shop survives where it is I have no idea, it certainly isn't from online sales, it must be the only model shop for miles ! Oh and I couldn't see any track ( What I went in for) anywhere


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