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Sanspareil Integrated Casting Services


Unit 13, Carlisle Enterprise Centre,  James Street,  Carlisle, Cumbria  CA2 5BB

 01228 810767
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19th June 2020


Catalogue: online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 7mm,
Services offered by this Supplier: Layout Building Services,

Sanspareil Integrated Casting Services was established by Iain Young and he is one of the top casters in lost wax using brass, copper and nickle silver. Using a customers own masters, in a variety of materials, a special mould is produced and sample castings produced for approval before full production commences. In addition he also manufactures 7mm scale kits and accessories.

Looking to have something cast in brass, copper or nickle silver to detail your model If you can produce a master in a suitable material then we can turn it into an exquisite casting for you. If you can't make a master yourself but can use a computer to produce a '3D' CAD drawing then we can point you to a firm that will produce a very special wax print that we can then turn into a metal master.
Currently available in 7mm scale are several kits including a Great Western Railway 36 ton travelling Brakedown Crane complete with bogie match truck and four wheeled wagon.
GWR 2-4-0 River Class locomotive kit, Stephenson's Rocket and GWR Mess and Tool Van kits.
In the CSP Models range there are a Hawthorn Leslie and Hudswell Clarke kits, with more to come.
A full range of 7mm castings can be found in the Lost & Foundry range.

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