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8 Radnor Close,  Sandbach, Cheshire  CW11 1TD

 01270 488954   07547 148672
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23rd November 2019


Catalogue: Online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm, Narrow Gauge
Services offered by this Supplier: Decoder Fitting Services,

Bespoke Finescale track and pointwork OO, EM, P4, OF, 0X, 0SF and S7 plus some parts, Turntables in 4mm and 7mm scales with optional electrical operation. Working semaphore signals in 2mm to 7mm scales built from mainly metal parts with various upgrade options, including working lights, operation by Servos etc. GWR Signals now fitted with Modelu finials. DCC Decoders fitted. Online ordering/Payment facility. 2mm scale GWR signals fitted with Modelu lamps, which can be illuminated by fibre-Optic

Finescale Trackwork and Signals

Finescale trackwork built to order in most gauges/Standards
Turned Brass track gauges in 0-XF, 0-SF, 0-MF, 0-F and S7
Turntables, manual, options for electrical operation, simple to programmable stepper motor
Semaphore Signals (Including bracket and gantry signals) constructed to order in scales 2mm to 7mm, with various options available such as working lights and servo operation - GWR Signals now feature Modelu finials with prototypical hollow ball.See website for more details.
Working 4mm scale GWR Signal Lamps.
Etched Brass 2 part tapered square signal posts for 7mm scale20ft and 30ft lengths
DCC Decoders fitted.
TCS DCC Decoders supplied and or/ Fitted.
Online ordering.

Methods of Payment
Many items can be ordered on-Line by Paypal - Most cards accepted - Via Paypal or Internet Banking Payment. For Terms and Condition please see the appropriate page on my website.

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