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Peter Wood's Wagons


42 Town Moor Avenue,  Doncaster, South Yorkshire  DN2 6BP

   07954 148323
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21st February 2020


Catalogue: on line
Scales: 7mm, 10mm, Large,

Supplier of Laser engraved acrylic Name and Number Plates, Works Plates, Station and Road name Boards etc. In any scale. Also CNC cut self adhesive Vinyl signs and lettering. Most wagon kits and bits still available. See revised catalogue on web site. Please email.

I have recently bought my own Laser Cutting Machine and a CNC Vinyl Cutting Machine. The Laser machine can cut and engrave plywood, MDF and most sheet plastics. It CANNOT cut metals or PVC. IT WILL ENGRAVE outdoor grade colour laminated plastics to make NAME and NUMBER PLATES and SIGNS etc. Particularly white letters on a black background for wagon plates and many track side signs. 'silver' or 'gold' letters with black or red backgrounds for most name plates, or the reverse i.e. Black letters in a 'gold' plate like LNER engraved works plates. It will generate readable letters as small as 1mm high. It's the size of the plate and letting which matter not the scale of the model.

I can also now supply signs and lettering cut from self adhesive vinyl. Please note the machine can only cut letters down to about 12mm high. It can also cut gaskets for live steam engines and other things.

Please see the new pages in my on line catalogue.

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