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17th June 2018


Catalogue: on-line and available by e-mail
Scales: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, Large, Narrow Gauge

EXPANDED Loco Builder Box range, even more options. Workshop tools and tidys; Exclusive ruler and ballast box - tools for consistent modelling standards on your railway. 4mm ruler endorsed by Double 0 Gauge Association, EM Gauge Society, 7mm ruler indicates Guild Manual Standards. Flat pack kits of laser cut components in 2, 3, 4, 7 and 10mm scales to make stations and scenic areas come to life. If it was wood on the railway, you don't have to paint these to look like wood, they are wood.

Poppy's Loco Builder Box Builder Box now available in 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 7mm and 10mm, 4, 6 8 and 10 coupled versions. They can help you;
• - Hold chassis parts and build the basic chassis and coupling rods,
• - Hold the assembly firm (either non-slip or bolted down) and frees hands to work more easily
• - Provides a convenient place to keep parts for the next few steps of the build, and catch small parts that drop during handling.
See our customer reviews and different stages of assembly in the pictures on our website.

Poppy's MODELLER's MEASURING STICK is a very handy tool, giving you a scale rule, track spacing, back to back (Fine and coarse), loading gauge and structure gauge indicators all on one great modellers aid. We are proud to announce that our 4mm version which endorsed by the Double 0 Gauge Association and EM Gauge Society
Poppy's BALLAST BOX, it not only spreads ballast evenly, but goes on being useful, providing trackside measures and standard buffer and coupling alignment long after the track is laid. Available in 4mm 00, EM and P4 and 7mm.
Tools tidy Carousel and Pliers and Cutters Rest to keep your workbench tidy and your tools at hand.

Poppy's offer kits for;

STATION AREAS; our range includes;
Rural Platform and Ramp, Barrow Crossing for the end of the platform to help the porter across. Add to the facilities with our Cattle Pens, Cattle Grid and Goods Platform, and popular Coal Platform, Coal Staithes, Road Crossing, Sleeper Built Buffer Stop and Shed Doors.
Give your station its regional identity with one of our range of station building and canopy Valances and awnings, gabled Straight and Curved Canopy Ends or our NEW canopy set, with post and lighting options

Platform, yard fencing in our original pale fencing (2 styles) and Midland style diagonal fencing, complimented by matching gates. an easy to use template (all styles) ensures that the finished lengths of fencing are consistently spaced to give every modeller a finish to be proud of.
Line side (2 styles) for marking line side and field boundaries.

WAGONS and a VAN; Our planked wagon floors that look like real wood because they are, and our wagon sides give a realistic thickness to etched brass kits, bogie and flat wagon floors and open wagon side inserts can be used for scratch builders too.
We make full internal lining kits for 0gauge Slaters wagons that transform empty wagons, and a S&DJR van conversion for changing the Slater's 10ton Midland Van to cupboard doors. Last but not least, Loco cab floors provide extra realism to open and tank locos.
Hornby Dublo - specially cut sizes now fit Hornby Dublo flat and bolster wagons.
Rear warning tail lamp for brake vans, coaches, or buffer stops adds an extra dimension.

Visit our website or request our INFORMATION SHEET showing actual models on our own diorama in 4mm and 7mm. For example, you can build your own station with many facilities for less than £100 in 7mm.

All the above is available in 7mm scale, most in 3 and 4mm, Station items in 2mm and selected items ex-stock in 10mm.
All items made to order in any scale.
We are expanding our range all the time and happy to receive suggestions of new products and new scales too (valances already supplied in gauge 3).

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