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Sutton's Locomotive Works


20 Park Street,  King's Cliffe,  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  PE8 6XN

 01780 470086
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29th January 2019


Catalogue: online
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 4mm,

SUTTON's LOCOMOTIVE WORKSHOP (SLW) is a relatively new model railway brand introduced to create and bring to market highly detailed, museum-quality diesel era locomotives and rolling stock. The first of these products is a 4mm scale ready-to-run Class 24 diesel locomotive (BR Sulzer Type 2) that includes full DCC sound options, and a choice of 'OO', 'EM' & 'P4' wheelsets. Further livery runs have been produced and a Highland headcode box version is planned for winter 2019/20.

The new SLW Class 24 sets new standards for a RTR diesel locomotive, adopting tried and tested engineering principles combined with the latest technology. For instance, our sound versions were developed alongside BR staff and use top quality ZIMO decoders powering twin smartphone-style miniature loudspeakers especially tuned for increased bass response.

Real locomotive recordings are used and a unique brake system is incorporated that adds to the play value. Additionally a 'stay-alive' option uses the latest high-tech supercapacitors to power a special smart stop system.

For more details please go to our website of search for SLW Class 24 or Sutton's Locomotive Workshop on YouTube where you can find a range of video reviews.

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