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01292 289770


Modelmaster Jackson Evans


31 Crown Street,  Ayr, Ayrshire  KA8 8AG

 01292 289770
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30th April 2020

Catalogue: hard copies, 4mm decals, 4mm nameplates £2 each.
Worldwide Export: Yes
Scales: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, Large, Narrow Gauge

OUR WEBSITE lists over 5.000 different Waterslide and Dryprint Model Railway and Model Bus Decals & Transfers, plus over 14,000 Etched Nameplates and detailing parts for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 7mm scales. We have been established since 1978, and accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal as payment. Our website is HTTPS secure, and padlocked for your Online security A new project for 2020 is the production of high quality LOCO KITS and GLASGOW TRAMCARS

As well as manufacturing a large range of etched brass and stainless steel nameplates for steam, diesel and electric locomotives in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 7mm scales, we produce over 5,000 waterslide decals & dryprint decals for 2mm & 4mm Scale Model Road Transport and Model Railways.
A new project for 2020 is the production of high quality but easily assembled 4mm Scale LOCOMOTIVE KITS of various 4mm Scale Scottish Steam Prototypes, many of which lasted well into the late B.R. Steam Era. These are professionally C.A.D. Drawn by an expert in this field, and made in Scotland with Brass and Nickel Silver Chassis, Cabs and Boiler Fittings with Resin Boilers, Footplates and other fittings. The chassis can be completed to OO, EM or P4 gauge, and even sprung if desired.
MODELMASTER UK are the only Company which is licensed by TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TFL) to produce Decals, Posters, Bar & Circle Emblems, London Underground Maps, Bus Destination Blinds, New Johnson Fonts, and Underground and Bus Station Signage in any scale for use on LONDON TRANSPORT and LONDON UNDERGROUND models. This is a worldwide, exclusive licence. (Our Licence number is 10/4866, and these details can be verified with the Brand Manager at Transport for London).

We also publish a number of books on transport subjects, and this range will be added to later this year or early next year.

I'm afraid that because of time restraints, we no longer paint & weather model trains for customers, but we do supply our nameplates to (probably) the three largest and best known companies in Britain who supply this service.

One thing we take particular pride in, is that all our products, which are designed in-House, are manufactured exclusively for us by two British Companies, who are both long established suppliers to industry, the government, and are both I.S.O. Certified and hold Royal Warrants. I mention this for two reasons. Firstly, by choosing top companies to work for us, we are guaranteed the best possible quality for our finished products, and secondly, My wife Elspeth (who runs the business with me) and I are proud to be British, and want to support British Industry rather than source items from abroad, which may on the face of it be cheaper, but may also suffer from both poor quality work and poor work ethics.

In 4mm Scale, our range of Etched Brass Nameplates covers EVERY ex L.M.S., ex L.N.E.R., Ex Southern Railway and B.R. Standard and War Department Named Locomotive which ran between 1948 and the end of steam on B.R. In 1968. That's quite a feat! We've made Nameplates for ALMOSt every ex G.W.R. Loco that came into B.R. In 1948, plus many more for G.W.R. Locos that were withdrawn before Nationalisation, from Dean 4-2-2s to Stars, Saints Atbaras, Citys, Bulldogs, Flowers etc

Also of G.W.R. & B.R. Western Region modellers, we have created almost 4,500 Cabside Numbers for un-Named locos - Everything from 14xx 0-4-2Ts to 47xx Giant 2-8-0s.

We have a thriving business in making bespoke etched nameplates in all scales from 2mm to narrow gauge passenger carrying steam, and export these all over the world.

Our company is innovative too, by introducing the first sheets of ready made wagon number sheets almost 25 years ago, to our unique peelable varnish on our decals which came out 20 years ago, and our very popular loco naming packs, which combine a pair of nameplates with a pair of ready made up B.R. Cab side numbers, available on, black or clear backgrounds so that you can, if you wish, cover up your old loco number without having to scrape it off or paint over it.
Most importantly of all, we are paranoid about quality control. When you buy from us, we want you to do so with complete trust and confidence. We check every item before it is sent out, and nameplates are taken out of their packets and given a final polish before they get to you. This takes time of course, and at busy times your order may take a day or two longer to get to you.
Our current website went live on 4th April 2017, and almost exactly three years later, we fulfilled our 10,000th order on it.
We guarantee the best workmanship and quality available to you, and look forward to meeting you Online in the near future.

Jim & Elspeth Grindlay


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